Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hiya blogger World.....remember me?

Yeah...I have been SUPER slack. Like Really really really slack. I got a new job in march and pretty much have NOT worked out a lot since. I am guessing..But I think its safe to say that i have gained back at least 20 of the 53 kg that I lost. :(  So as of this week I am back on the straight and narrow and aim to get those numbers back down. Im really sad that I have let myself down so much. I had worked SO fucking hard to get that weight off. :(

So What am I doing...? Food diary You can find it here. And getting my arse moving. I have hit my elliptical 2 times this week so far. Aiming to get on there tonight after the kids are in bed too. I want to be BACK at my skinny mini weight by my birthday..the BIG 30! Its June and my birthday in November. I can damn well do this!!!

You will be hearing from me...You have my word.

☼ Mel ☼