Friday, October 28, 2011

Quickie at the gym ;)

Well, I think this post is not going to be as exciting as the title implies, but it got your attention, no?

So in an attempt to post more I am posting today.
This morning we had a quick workout at the little guy was down in child care, so we only had about an hour. The place was a bit busy so we were forced onto the treadmills. I wasn't feelin it. I did ten minutes on there and did two stints of one minute running and actually had a hard time breathing for some reason. But hopped off there and did some weight machines, and then got on an open bike for 15 minutes. I felt tired and couldn't really go longer. I was tired when I got there in the first place so I guess 25 minutes of cardio is still good. We were going to go Tuesday morning as well, but of course I start having these lovely hives. They spontaneously occur and come out of no where. I'm just not able to pinpoint what's causing them.

So I've been organising my notes for studying. I'm nearly finished my psychology ones. That's my first exam, so I want to get that done first, and really, it's the biggest and scariest. Although I'm going into that exam with a good start as the assignments I've done have given me good marks.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Better late then never.

 So we have been a little slack around here.I have been crazy busy at work and making time to work out has been difficult. I will say eating wise we have been mostly good. we had a small blow out on Friday Night. I had a really long day to end off a really long week and was feeling shit. But we are back on track and Hit the gym today.

I had that family Function last night. It was so great to see all my family and catch up. It was my grandmothers Surprise 70th birthday. We travelled out of town for the Night and came home late so I was really tired today. But we went and we biked and did some weights and I was glad I went. It felt good.

I have been really slack about getting my one month update photos up so I will do that now. My weight has been stable the last week or so. But I know that is because I have not been active enough. But Plan to get on that this week. are my pictures. i can see a slight difference. I can feel it in myself and In my clothes.

So anyway, that is my update.I promise to be around a bit more. I will be more active and Working out more regularly.

till next time!

Slack asses.

Sorry Hope! lol

We've been majorly slack. All is well here. Finally got to the gym today after a week of not getting a good chance to go. I feel good after working out today. I biked for 30 mins at around 95ish - 110ish. Felt like my legs were going to fall off but I did it. Then I pumped some weights for another hour and a bit. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow.

This week coming up is my last week of classes before a week study break and then exams. EEK! I have four this term. Educational Psychology, Language and Literacies, Sustainability and Children's Literature. I'm a tad worried about they Psych and Sustainability ones. I'm not scientifically minded and there are so many theorists in psychology it's rather confusing. Thankfully most of it is based on multiple choice.
Then I have about an 8 week break or so. I'll be working at my kindy (day care) and on a Santa photo set which should be fun. I definitely need to save up some money for next term.

My weight's been steady. But really that's to be expected as we haven't been exercising as often. Sadly it's beginning to go into the rainy season which will cut down on our evening walks as well.

This is my short update for now. :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Photo update

So here we are about a month in to getting back into it. I don't feel or see really much difference which is disappointing. I know that it is not a fast process, and takes time, but some results would be good. I meant to jump on the scale this morning but had had coffee and breakfast before I remembered.
We took pictures AFTER the gym this morning (so we look a little scruffy) because we didn't really have time before. Upon looking at them and comparing them to last months, we've realised a few things. 1. We really should wear the same clothes so we can see changes. Some things are looser, some tighter and doesn't give a good idea. 2. We need to take them in the same spot, mine we moved to a different area because the camera wasn't focusing, and it's hard to tell as the background wall is another colour. 3. We need to try to get the same distance and zoom, as a closer picture is hard to compare to one further away. But alas, here are my October

pictures. I do not see much/any difference.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pics and Honesty

So the wedding on Saturday was AMAZING! It was such a beautiful Wedding , I admit...I cried a few tears. It was so sweet!! I'm not usually one to cry at weddings, But it was such a lovely day. And the Bride was stunning! Anyway, as promised some Photos. The dress was so pretty!! It seemed my boobage issues were slightly less. They have started to slink away a touch. And I ended up at the hairdresser to have my hair done. ( which was pretty but $$$ and it almost didn't last the night)
Hubs and I ( and the dress).

Some New make-up Ideas I tried out.
So now for some honesty. The Look on my face in the first photo...Was a little bit of self disgust. I admit it. I was feeling good, the dress was so pretty! And then I seen the Photo before this one and I was sad.  The picture in my head didn't match the picture that was taken. I hate..Yes, I know that is a strong word but in this case it's very applicable....HATE my flabby, and my face is a lot fuller then I like. And I Know that this is because I have gained weight  (I know I am working to get it off again) . But it was a little bit of a kick in the pants. The scales have been kinda yo-yo like with me this last week or two and it was kinda getting me down.  ( Thought I did wake up with a great loss on Sunday It apparently came Back today).  I know I am eating right and exercising...maybe not quiet enough to see the same kind of results as I did when I did this the first time. But enough to be seeing some results on the scales.  But now I'm just more determined to get this thing under control again.  And I Will.  I want to be fit and healthy again. I hate feeling like my weight holds me back. and I feel like it does. its not about being skinny. Its about being comfortable in my own skin and healthy. And I don't feel either right now. Healthier for sure.But not at my healthiest. But this also will be.

Anyway, Im on holidays from work for another week yet and I have so much to do around the house. So much I want to get done before the crazy season starts. I have noticed in the last two days now that I have been able to relax and unwind a bit, just how tired and run down I am feeling. Yesterday I slept till nearly 10 am ( which I NEVER do even after a late night) and I was so exhusted that by 3:30 pm I was in need of, and did have a nap in which I clean passed out. I then was up til my regular bedtime ( 10pm) and slept fairly solidly till 7 am this morning. And was In need of a nap again ( but didn't) today after being out with Sa and the kids all morning.  Being back at work pretty much full time (5-6 days a week) since March on top of all the other things in life( kids Etc)  has been great I do enjoy it but Im very glad for a break now.  I have so much stuff that i want to get done. But I plan to do a few things for me too.

Anyway, that is enough ramblings from me for now. Planning to hit the gym for a class after school( Yaya kids are back at school!!) run tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ello Elllo There!...

So Im around. Not having much to say as of late. But I thought I should update too. Today is the day of the Dress. The wedding that we have been waiting for. Some really good friends of ours are getting hitched! So excited! Im heading off to the Hairdresser shortly to have my hair done. I totally SUCK at doing my hair for special occasions. Hair is NOT my Strong point. Wish it was, instead of paying someone $55 to do my hair. Anyway. So excited. Will put some pictures up tomorrow. YAY!

On the weight loss side of things I seemed to have stopped. I'm still eating well and exercising but the scales are not budging.Though the clothes are still looser. :(  It is a little frustrating. I have just started a week off work so I plan to be a busy little bee and get a lot done around this place. As well as hitting the gym a good few times as well. I also plan to chill out a bit too. I have a few HUGE weeks coming up at work. So much to do and I'm very grateful for this little break. 

So that is where I am at...Short and Sweet. Will update here tomorrow with some photos!


Stupid gain

So it's been a week since last I posted.  Melanie's been a bit quiet. She began one once, but thought her ramblings weren't interesting enough. Pft, that's pretty well what blogs are aren't they?
Anyway, So I got on the scale yesterday and I was up a kg.  Wft?  I know I know, I was sore from the gym, so could have been partly my muscles. Or the dinner I served myself the night before (I should never serve myself. I give myself too much).  I ate quickly too as I was hungry and was overfull.  Even felt sick later. *sigh* So, I'm back up a kg.  Stupid scales.
Not only this, but my knees are getting sore.  Especially when I walk or run a far distance.  I've needed to ice them and put muscle cream on them. Stupid knees.

I think that's all I'm ranting about today.  That's all I can think of right now anyway.