Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Great weather for ducks....?

I don't think so. We have had some seriously wet weather In my part of the world these last few days. the wet season seemed to have had a rather later start then usual. But early hours of this morning brought a large monsoonal low over us and with it a so called "mini tornado". Tornadoes are not something that we usually see in this part of the world, though we do have lots of pretty scary weather. Unfortunately along with this low it brought some seriously unexpected weather. Parts of my City have been devastated by this "Tornado" and it came without warning, in the very early hours of the morning when no-one expected it.

So many families live in this area. It is just 5 minutes drive form my own home.  Houses lost their roof, Families lives and belongings ripped out from under them.  Some while they lay sleeping in their beds. So tonight while your all cosy in your beds. Please spare a though and a little prayer for these families.

I drove through this area later in the day to go check on a good friend who wasn't answering her phone, And the disaster that I seen just rendered me speechless.

Someone's roof.

My girlfriend and her family live just near here.

A home destroyed.

Unexpected Chaos.
An evacuation centre has been set up near this area, And SO many people have just dug deep and got in to help clean up. The weather is still expected to be horrid, and we are still on a sever weather warning. Hopefully the worse is over though.

Looking at this map..there is still a lot of nasty weather to come.

Edited to add this link to another video.

Till next time.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Update....again. lol

So I have been totally slack updating this...But on and up note I am loving the 8 week challenge and have been pushed beyond my comfort zone. boot camp was AMAZING! I really enjoyed it. it was totally worth the 5 am wake up. haha! I ran on sand, almost fell out of a kayak and ran carrying Jerry cans full of water. It hurt.A Lot.  

After I cooled down. My Pink Do Life Shirt made a debut!
So After some careful thought I decided not to follow the food plan that they supplied. I know that within myself that I would not stick to it. So I have just continued to count my calories and log them using My Fitness Pal. I know I can not stick to a chicken and veggie diet. Im a red meat girl. But I have lost pretty stead since both on the scales and Measurements. I have added Protein shakes back to my daily diet too. Especially as part of my workout recovery.

Since my Last update I have also hit 20 lbs ( that is almost 10kg) lost so far!! I can really see the difference too. Ad my clothes are showing it too!

8 Jan 2012
4 March 2012

On the running front...I did C25k Week 5 day 3 today!!! 21 minutes of NON STOP RUNNING!!!!! I cold not believe that I actually did it!! I was a little bit scared of it to be honest. But today I just didn't stop after my first 8 minute run and just kept at it. I was so happy at my 20 min mark...I just kept going!! I finished off with a couple of shorter intervals. I finally feel like a popper runner. *Happy Sigh*

Things around here have been crazy with work, Kids, Sa at uni and general life.But We are feeling good and like we are back on track. Im on holidays form work in just over a week, and Im REALLY looking forward to it. really will try to update here more. I know Sa will Likely be along to update too.

Till nest time Little blog,