Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh sweet gym

For applying for a front desk job at a gym, I got a three day pass to go. It's not much, but it's something. Better than what I've been doing for sure.
Today a pt basically took me through the machines, and did a bit of cardio and showed me around. Made me do lunges... bastard. Anyways, I feel good. My shoulders ache, but it's a good ache. So this will take me through the week. After that I don't know.
The gym is really nice. Big and packed with lots of equipment. rows upon rows of bikes and elipticals and treadmills and steppers and cross trainers. For the first time since I got here I feel like I've actually worked out and done something productive. Wednesday I'll go again and do a bunch of cardio. I really felt like I was out of shape as I was winded on the bike after 5 mins. I used to do a lot more.
Hopefully I can find a job soon so I can join and keep going. Anyways, it was a good workout and I feel good.

YAY a positive post lol.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Bike kicked my ass today. Plain and simple. :( I'm not sure why, I have no problem doing 20 mins or so on a stationary bike, the real bike was a bit of a problem. I planned it out so most of the hilly bits would be at the start of my route. At first, going down the hills, I was frustrated because I couldn't even pedal. I was feeling ok, until all of a sudden I felt dizzy, and lightheaded. I was very thirsty, and didn't have water (no holder on the bike). I didn't want to stop, but I did and all of a sudden felt this wave of nausea. Lovely.... so I get sick about 100 m away from a primary school. Good thing it was just a little, but still. I have NEVER had that reaction after or during exercising. I have felt queasy before because I was hungry, but never anything like this. At this point, I finally go back to the bike and walk it up the last hill. I hop back on when it's flat and start to pedal, only to find now my hip feels like it's trying to pop out. WTF??? I literally had to stand on the bike in order to pedal at all. If I sat I got this excruciating pain in my right hip. Before I stopped it wasn't an issue. So finally I get home, go sit in front of the toilet again, just in case, finally I cool down enough to go have a shower and a powerade. Something was fighting me today. First day I got off my butt to do anything in 4 days or so and I feel exhausted and sore (hip). GRRRR

Monday, September 13, 2010

lost steem

I'm finding it a bit difficult to have the motivation to get up and do anything right now. I'm upset and lonely. Sad for having to leave even if just for a little while, it still seems too long.
I've not even done anything for at least 3 days. My eating is ok, but activity level is nil.

My cousin brought over an extra bike today, so tomorrow I will go ride that. I'm waiting to hear back after two interviews with a gym, which went well but I was supposed to hear back friday. I'm frustrated and worried that I wont be able to the job, even if it is just for a little while. The good part is that IF I do get it, they give you time during your work day to do a workout.

The time for me is dragging by. Basically I'm sitting here waiting for it to pass. Luckily I had a good friend help me out during a very bad day. Thank you Saz. Me love you long time.

I weighed myself at the dr's office on one of those big complicated ones. They always confuse me, but it showed I had lost a bit since leaving. Honestly, I don't expect to win, but I'll try. If I get this job it will help, and also make the time go by faster I think.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Even Stevens...so far...

So rumour has it, Or shall I say..we have told each other...Sa and I have roughly lost about the same amount so far....And she was worried. PFfrft.Unfair advantage is no longer an excuse Sa!!! So we are almost 2 weeks into the challenge and both of us are doing ok.. Sa has been taking advantage of her legs and her workout mat. I have been walking and getting to the gym when time allows.  Sa was worried about not choosing the right foods. But seems that she has got the hang of it now. YAY! And so far so good..I have been ok too!

So that's where things are...In the  Great weight race!

Now I thought I would take the chance to explain the name of the blog a little... Tricep dips and push ups... I HATE tricep Dips (Which is why I have those lovely tuckshop lady arms)... Sa..Loves them. I Pink puffy heart Push ups... Sa..Not so much. And this journey will certainly have its ups and downs..So it seemed to fit US very well.

So Of course Now the "PT in training" in me feels I should show you  how a good Push up is done...See Below...
So this is a "advance " level Push up. On the toes.  They can also be done on the knees. Using your upper body to lower and raise only your upper body.  Then you can go level two, Still on the knees moving your body into more of a leaning push up..hence using your arms to support more of your body weight. Any of these options Will help to strengthen and tone your upper arms .

The Tricep Dip. This one shows it on a bench. It involves using your arms to support your body and lowering your arms to "dip" at the elbows. This Exercise  tones the "backs " of your arms.. That trouble zone, the tricep.  Many woman complain of this area being hard to tone up. Another Exercise that works this are is a triceps extension and Triceps Kickbacks. I will go into these exercises in another blog. :)

I hope this helps someone!!!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Giving up

I'm having a hell of a time right now. Now that I've actually got a decent nights sleep and seem to be adjusting, my mind is running away with me. I'm having doubts I can do this. I'm confused about what I should and shouldn't be eating (besides the obvious), feeling like my workouts are jokes, hardly worth the time they take... and missing my Aussie family so much.
I feel like I'm alone. I know I'm not, but with the time difference, it makes it more difficult to connect with them and I don't feel like I can be online as much as I want to be.... AND the connection keeps dropping me, so even when I am on, sometimes it kicks me off. People I have here, are either unreliable-lost in their own worlds, busy with their own families and I don't want to bug them, or not here at the moment.

Had a breakdown tonight. Lack of confidence, and feeling like what I'm doing isn't enough. Watching my Dad eat TWO caramel nut candy bars and my mom cantaloupe and some kind of meat thing AFTER dinner. I don't remember the last time I ate anything other that a little frozen yogurt after dinner. Missing my Aussies as much as I do.... I told Melanie I quit. I couldn't do it. She won. She's tried to convince me I can do it and my workouts are good b/c Jillian kicks your ass. I'll keep plodding along, but I'm not so sure it'll do anything. All I have are the roads (and it doesn't help when it's raining) a mat, hand weights and an old treadmill. I'M NOT A RUNNER! I feel like walking isn't enough, and I try to run and don't get very far.

I cried, like, really cried for the first time tonight since I got here. Then I was trying to busy myself by watching Glee, and THAT made me cry too! Stupid long lost Mommy plot!

I don't know, maybe I'll feel better tomorrow, I'm hoping I don't keep sliding downhill, I need something else. A Job would be good. I've applied to some, it's the long weekend, of course, so the earliest I'd hear anything is Tuesday. Three more days yet.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

First test

Save me. My Mom is having a dinner party tonight. When my Mom has a dinner party, she goes all out. I've already mixed up a concoction with cream cheese, mayo, about 5 different kinds of cheese, a bunch of herbs and bacon bits. God is that dip good, but I'm not even going to try it. My mouth is watering just writing about it. She's serving steak with gravy and lobster tail no doubt covered in butter (and fish cheeks..blah) I'm going to be a good girl... I'm having chicken breast, red capsicum/pepper, zucchini, a bit of potato and salad (Cesar of course, so just a little bit). I'm sure there will be some sort of delicious desert as well, which I wont be having.

I did end up going for a walk about 5:30am yesterday morning. Went for 5 kms, and was about 45 mins. I ran a bit, then got a stitch and walked it out. Still kept up a quick pace but ran less than I wanted. I did still push myself... kept thinking... just to that corner, just to that driveway then you can walk. It was good and I worked up a good sweat. Today my shins and butt are sore. I ran down hill a little and going uphill would explain my shins.

Today, if I have time I'm going to check out one of my new Jillian Michaels videos. Probably the 'trouble zones' one. I bought a mat and some 5lb weights yesterday so I'm ready to go.

I've also started a food journal online so hopefully that will help me track how I'm eating as well.

Friday, September 3, 2010

New gym...And some adventures!

So I joined a new Gym last night. We wanted something closer to home to avoid excuses to not go. Im the queen Of.." I'll do it later" , even though I KNOW that once I get there It will be fine. No excuses now. This gym is on the way home from the school run in the mornings.

So today J and I toddled off to the New gym..He to the Kids Creche and I to the Ladies Gym to see What
the set up was like. So I surveyed the equipment and decided to start on Old faithful..the Bike. 13 mins later hot and warmed up I headed over to the "express" circuit.  I did a few minutes ( 3 reps of 15 roughly) on each piece of equipment following the little numbers. Not bad...Felt like I achieved a reasonable All over workout...Sweet!

Now all while I was doing my thing I watch ladies wander over to this interesting piece of equipment In the corner of the gym...

The Vibra trainer ( this isn't the same one, but it looks just like this)...Now Im a curious kinda girl, So after my "express" workout I wander on over to see what its all about... I step on..Push the on button...It starts to vibrate...OK...I turn the "speed" up to 14....Ok now I can feel my flab wobbling...Stand and read the little instructions..Lower body workout - Bend knees...Knees bent...Bum is jigglin...Hmmmm.... Bottocks workout- stand with legs crossed....Attempt to cross my legs...Um..No. Stand a little longer with my knees bent...Turn around to read poster on the wall  to see what else the "exercise" equipment is meant to be used for...Kneel on the floor and put hands on machine in push up position to work the upper body... Uh..I dont think so...By this time..if I was a robot..I would have shaken to pieces. Turn around..fiddle with settings...turn it off.  

Promptly head over to the cross trainer to do some REAL exercise.


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well, I woke up at 4:30, despite not falling asleep until about 11:30 and am WIIIIDE awake. I've considered going for a jog, but have a nasty headache, so here I am sitting in front of a computer screen with partial lighting instead. hmmm...
Anyways, Mom and I went shopping today and I felt a little lost without my food guide. I just looked at the sugar content and was like, hmmm, 5gms of sugar... that seems ok.
Got some 12 grain wraps, sandwhich meat, cheese, sausages, yogurt, oatmeal, a few snack things... umm, crispy mini things and special k cheesecake bars which seem awfully yummy.

So here I am, considering going out for a jog. Debating.... thinking about the stakes and telling myself to get off my ass. Going to look for some new Jillian Michaels dvds tomorrow I think. A yoga one and something else...can't remember. And call the lady from the gym who called me about a job a week and a half ago and cross my fingers she hasn't found anyone, because that job would be PERFECT! No gym membership and there nearly everyday.

It's 22 degrees out and just 5am. It's meant to be 29 and rain this afternoon, so perhaps I should get my butt up and go out. Just looking on a map to see how far my intended route would be.....hmmm. 5.5km or a different one would be 6.5km. Perhaps I'll start with the 5.5.... it has a big hill I'd be going up as well.

I know I'm going to wake someone up as the house has a stupid alarm system and it will beep when I turn it off. Was bad enough they woke up last night just after I got home. I felt bad. Well, I'm sure they'll go back to sleep, but still. Alright, well I think I'm gonna go, my legs feel really tight from not moving much for a day and a half, but hopefully they'll behave. I'll start posting on daily mile again as well. http://www.dailymile.com/people/MelissaB6#ref=tophd Once I get moving. Well, I'm outta here in a bit. Wish me luck.


Start your Engines...

OK..So Sa is there....And Im here...The race is on. We did our weighs and Measures ..Sa has done her Healthy shopping... So we are ALMOST even...Im joining a new Gym asap...Sa has to find one.  That's where things stand. Sa's Mom is saying that Sa WONT be wearing a Pink dress...Yeah I have news lol...It wont be me losing. :P
So readers..start your engines...

I attempted ( attempted cause I had to Fight the litle guy for the Wii) to do a Wii workout today. A few weeks back I picked up Wii fit Plus along with another Game...Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009  for the Wii. I have not had a chance to get around to it until
today. The graphics are a little lacking..But I actually worked up a sweat. It works a bit like a interval training course. She made me run and do various other activities. Im a huge Fan Of Jillian.. She likes to kick butt. So I shall probably attempt this one again...Its a shame the graphics are a little bad.

My eating is getting back on track..Thank god...It has been very bad lately...I feel much more energised!!!
YAY for healthy Eating. Beef and Veg Stirfry is on the menu tonight. Yum. Slipping back into the food regime is the easy part! Exercise is next!