Monday, November 18, 2013

Bump in the road

So this past week I've been sick, which means I haven't been able to exercise at all.  Any type of physical exertion would send me into a choking coughing fit.  At this point I'm a bit better, but still not really well. However, I did manage to lose another kg this week, or 2lbs.  I didn't eat well, but I also didn't eat crap or a lot. There were a few days I didn't eat much at all actually and this is probably what accounted for my loss.  I'm hoping to feel better soon, however as of Tuesday I'm watching a friends house/pets for nearly two weeks and wont have my home gym stuff available.  Depending on the weather I may get out for a walk or something, but I'm not sure what will happen. I imagine I'll be back to ground zero by the time I get to my elliptical again.  Which sucks, but I don't have many other options at this point.

So that's my update for this week, short and sweet.  Not a very good week, but I did manage a loss.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 1 success

So it's been a week since I posted here last and I have made some good changes and thus far, stuck to them.  I've been using mfp, and eating properly. I've also been using my new elliptical this week.  It's a lot harder than the ones I've used at the gym and my legs get tired so fast, but I've been pushing through, and true to my word I have been increasing my time, bit by bit.  I'm not sure why this one seems to been so much harder to move but I honestly feel like stopping after less than 2 minutes.  At this point I occasionally have to pause for a few seconds or go backwards for a different motion, but I figure this is better than stopping.  I have also been doing about 15 minutes worth of strength exercises after my cardio with 5lb weights I have an my own body weight. 

So this week my work has paid off.  I have lost nearly 4 lbs or 1.8kg since last Sunday.  I'm feeling pretty good about this, but I know this rate wont keep up.  Still, with the small amount of exercise I have managed, I have been successful and this is enough to keep me motivated to continue. 

Yay me! So, week 1 down and I have been true to my promises to myself.  I haven't even had one naughty thing this week (meaning chocolate or the like).


Sunday, November 3, 2013


So it's been 3 and a half months since I posted last. I've started school again, my final semester, and at times, working two part time jobs. Not much has changed. I've made a few good attempts but they only last a couple days.  I've had a few unpleasant wake up calls that are telling me it's time to really get serious.  Last week I bought an elliptical from my cousin for $100. It's a pretty good one too.  Due to my time constraints I have put my gym membership on hold because honestly, I just can't get there, so I'm going to focus on using the elliptical at least until I'm done with school.

So I've decided with Halloween behind us, and almost two months until Christmas, I can make a good start at getting back to it. Today I got on my new elliptical and went... and realized just how out of shape I was. After two minutes I wanted to stop. I didn't, but I wanted to so bad.  I paused twice, I had trouble breathing and I lasted ten minutes. Pitiful and embarrassing really. But it's a starting point again. Tomorrow, I will go for longer. Even if just a minute and every time after that a little bit longer again until I'm doing at least 30 minutes.  I may not get on there everyday, but I'm aiming for at least every other day at this point until I can get my endurance up again.

Besides this, bad food is my enemy. It's two faced. It pretends to be my friend and turns on me.  So, no more.  I know this is where most of my battle lies.  Being overwhelmed with school and assignments with working on top of this, I reach for comfort and while I'm reaching I think "don't do that, you know what it's going to do" and I put it in my mouth anyway.  Well no more.  Halloween candy is gone... I've told the others in my house not to buy junk food because they think I might like it.  I'm done.  I will not let myself fall back to where I was.  Really, I've only gained about 10 lbs, but I can feel in my body how it is. I've lost a lot of muscle and gain more fat and I need to reverse that pronto.

So, here is my pledge, I WILL workout at least every other day for increasing amounts of time each session until I can easily do 30 minutes on my elliptical.  I WILL add hand weights and body resistance exercises after I have done this.  I WILL NOT eat chips, muffins, chocolate, candies, fast food or deserts.  I WILL eat the serving sizes suggested, and not more. I WILL check in here at least once a week, even if no one is reading this (although, if anyone is, encouragement is very welcome).


Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm struggling.

I'm struggling with food, with exercise, with body image, and yes, I know they're related, but it's a nasty cycle.  At first, it was due to being so busy with school and work, between the two I was around 70 hours per week, which left little time, or energy to do anything, and I think now I've fallen out of the habit.  I try, I'll go for a run, or go to the gym one day and eat well that day (I don't want it to be for nothing after all), but then the next day I blow any good I've done and get busy (or make excuses) and don't exercise again for a week... or more and the whole thing starts all over again.

I yell at myself, pissed off.  While I'm putting the naughty food in my mouth I think "I shouldn't be eating this" but I do it anyway :(  I don't know how to get my motivation back.  I get sad because I don't have what I wanted to have by this point in my life.  Yeah I'm working on it, but there are other things that I really want as well, namely a family of my own, but it doesn't look like this is going to happen any time in the near future either.... so I get more sad, and eat crap to make myself feel better, which actually just makes me feel worse and then I think that I'm going to get fat again and to STOP EATING THAT!!! but it doesn't work.

I did quick start a couple months ago with great success and good results, I thought it would help me to reset my brain and get back on track with eating right, and it did, but not for long, so now I feel lost and helpless, even though I know I'm really the only one who can control what I eat and how much I move, but somehow my brain is stuck.  I don't know how to get it unstuck for more than a few days. :(


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A delicious sweet loaf. Grain free Pear and Raspberry loaf!

Grain free pear and raspberry bread.


1 cup of desiccated coconut
1 cup of almond flour and 1 tablespoon
1/4 cup of arrowroot flour ( tapioca flour)
4 tsp baking powder 
2 tablespoons LSA mix
3 eggs
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1/3 cup of b grade Maple syrup 
Cinnamon ground to taste
1 ripe but not over ripe pear ( grated)
1 cup frozen raspberries

Pre heat the oven to 220c. 
Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl. 
 Add eggs, oil, maple syrup and grate pear into the mixture.  
Add raspberries last and fold in. 
Pour mixture in to a lined loaf tin.  Dribble a little extra maple syrup over to glaze.
Turn oven down to 200c . Put in the oven. 
 Cook for 35 mins then bump heat back up to 230c. Once the loaf is firm and brown ( about 10mins) remove and allow to cool in the pan for 25mins. 

Slice ! This loaf can be toasted and is delicious when slathered in butter! Yum! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why hello there little blog!

Well it has been a long time since we posted on here. But soooo much has even going on. As you can see by the last post on here by ' Sa ' she is back in Canadian territory. I'm still down under, doing my thing. Since my last post lots has happened. I have changed from working part time to working full time as a store manager, as well as being a full time mum and wife. It has been a bit of an adjustment, but we are getting on pretty ok. My fitness dropped off a bit in the adjustment to working full time, but I still have managed to achieve many of my fitness goals.

* August 2012 - I ran my first ever 10k race. It wasn't fast but I did it. 1:08:55 was my time. And I was pretty stoked to have completed it so strongly. Having never actually run that distance before.

* January 2013 - I rocked up for my 3rd Australia Day fun run and knocked almost 8 minutes off my time from last year! I was pretty damn happy about that. It was odd though running it without Melissa though.

March 2013 - I competed in the Magnetic island "dirty weekend", Adventurethon.
( ) I competed in the " Taste of adventurethon" which involved a 1 k kayak ( I had to learn how to kayak! ) a 10k bike ride and a 2.4 k " run". I had an amazing time, a few hic ups but I finished in exactly the time I was hoping for. 1:44:35. (I wanted less then 1:45:00) I had some bike related technical issues. Lol but I will be back next year to better my time!

I'm hoping to compete in another upcoming adventerthon event in July. The national challenge.
Really need to get my bum into gear for that one! And repeat my 10k event in August.

My diet has changed somewhat too. I have take to primal eating and have really noticed a difference in myself from this. Grains and processed foods haven't place in my diet anymore. I have definitely noticed the difference. I'm planing to blog more often. I want to share and journal my primal fitness journey...

So little blog...I'm back.:) no excuses.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello again

So here I am again, 'round the other side of the world.  No gym membership and little motivation.  The 5 months stuck in one place weighing on me.  All the effort, all the workouts and proper eating seem pointless. I'm back for good this time. Sadly.  Tuition at 3x that of a local student began to get a little too expensive.  Looking for a job now, and trying to organize finishing school here, but it doesn't appear easy.  I've been trying to run, but I've been booted back to the first week of c25k, and my Mom's bought me a group of bootcamp classes which I begin tonight.

I don't really want to be here, but sadly it's out of my control.  I'm trying to eat pretty well, which is difficult when you just get back to where there are lots of delicious things you haven't had in a long time.

Not sure what else to say right now.  I hope this boot camp can help me get over this hump because it's so frustrating when you're doing all the right things but not getting the results.