Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day Fun run!

So we were up at the Crack of Dawn this very Fine Australia day to participate in our very first Running event, The Walters IGA Australia Day Fun run. We had no intentions of placing. It was about doing it and getting it done!

It was a nice day..clear blue skies... humid and hot. There was a great turn out. I was amazed at some of the costumes!!! We seen Bush rangers, boxing kangaroos , Australian decked out Girls, dogs with Aussie flag coloured tails and little ones with painted faces! We were not so creative. Lol.

We had planned to use our pod cast to help pace us. But neither of us actually did. Jeni and I got a bit ahead of Sa, I had to remind myself to pace myself and Not try to pace with Jeni. She has longer legs and is a better runner. But I managed to keep pace with her for the most part.( sorry for holding you back Jeni!!) Sa struggles in the heat and humidity, but caught us up on the home stretch! So we all managed to finish together! We did really well considering the fact that Sa and I are NOT runners! We finished in less then 42 mins. Jeni was first around 41:46 min, Then myself at 41.48 min and Sa at around 41:50 min.
We even managed to get some photos!!!

 Jeni , Me ( Mel) & Melissa

Finish time!

Finish place?
Sa's finish Card
Jeni, Me and Sa at the end!
A nice Stranger took this one for us!

So that's our First even done! Im so pleased with how well we did! The next one Im aiming for ( Sa swears she is NOT doing it again! lol) Is the Mothers day Run in May.  Hoping to be much fitter and in a better running space by then!

Til next time!

"Fun" Run

First... I finished, and I wasn't last!!! Actually I did pretty good time at 41:50 for 4.5km. Probably about what I'd have done on the treadmill, BUT I had a hell of a time breathing. I was good until I started getting winded jogging and then I just couldn't catch my breath. It was about 30 degrees in the shade and let me tell you, it wasn't all shady. At one point, I told Melanie and Jeni to go off ahead. I kept them in view for most of the time but lost them at the bridge.

The running wasn't the issue for me, it was the heat/humidity. I didn't follow my podcast, I wouldn't have been able to make 3 mins at a time in that heat. I pushed as long as I could when I did run. At one point I looked across the river to see the leaders running past. BASTARDS I thought to myself.

I just kept pushing on. As much as I felt like stopping I just kept going. Passing person after person. I was hot and breathing heavy. I caught Melanie and Jeni in my sights again and was determined to catch up to them. Just before we entered the stadium again I DID! I was proud that I caught up to them even if I had to lag behind before, I made up for it!

I was exhausted at the end. It took all I had to run the last 150 meters or so, but I did it. Sweat dripping everywhere, blah.

Here was our route (I just wanted to add a picture :P)

At this point, I'm not keen on the Mothers Day run. The biggest thing is the weather. It will be cooling down by then so we'll see. *sigh* Likely I'll end up doing it 'cause I'm a sucker and will probably forget how badly off I was during this run.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Food and running and such

First of all let me say I'm a lot LESS picky than I used to be, and the only thing I don't eat that the rest do on a weekly/biweekly basis is steak. :P
I eat a lot better than I used to. Honestly I don't find it that hard to eat properly once you start. It's when you give in and eat something you know you shouldn't. The problem isn't eating it that one time, it's that it makes you want it again and again. So personally, I find it easier to avoid those yummy fatty greasy food that are so tempting. For the most part. Some people will tell you to give in to a craving. Honestly I'll only do that if it's REALLY bad and depends on what it is.

Anyways.... my run today... was day one of week 3. two intervals of 90 seconds and two with 3mins of running. I was ok until partway through the last interval. I felt like I was about to die. Seriously. I did have some light chest pains (Don't worry, if they were bad, I'd stop and get checked out) and having some issues breathing, but I made it. If I wasn't so exhausted I'd feel like it was an accomplishment. I DO feel that way but my god, I'm worried about week 4 now if I feel this way in week 3.

Wednesday I've been told we're doing a 'fun run'. it's 4.5km around a park and a river by us. It's early enough in the morning so hopefully it wont be too hot. It will be one of our running days, so we'll do the podcast for the first 26 mins and then probably see how we feel for the rest.

mmmm I can smell the roasting pumpkin (sweet squash) and red capsicum (red pepper) in the oven for lunch. YUM!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

FOOD! MMmmm Food.

So I thought I would finally do a food post. I talk a lot about eating healthy and well and I thought It was time to share some tips. Generally We dont calorie count. *SHOCK* But we do try to make wise food choices. Sugar free soft drinks if we drink them, sugar free sweets too. We both use Sweetener in our Coffee , Splenda is the choice in this house, And we aim for the good old 2 & 5 - 2 serves of Fruit and at LEAST 5 serves of veggies. I admit we love ( think pink puffy heart) Pumpkin so its an almost daily staple for us both.  We try, we I try to keep the food interesting and creative because it is very easy to get stuck in a food rut. Which means that your more likely to fall off the wagon. Some of those creative things I will try to share over the next few weeks.

Today Im going to share a lunch Idea... :)

Traffic Light Pizza! 

2 Round multigrain wraps
1/2 a red capsicum( pepper) diced
1/2 a Yellow Capsicum diced
1/2 a small Zucchini diced 
4 tablespoons Tomato paste
a sprinkle of onion powder
a sprinkle of dried Italian herbs
Diced ham/bacon/chicken
Handful of Mozzarella cheese for each pizza

 Assemble the pizza on a flat oven tray, - base, sauce, onion powder, herbs then generously cover in the Diced veggies and protein of choice. Sprinkle with cheese ( we are suckers for cheese admittedly) and  bake in the oven till the cheese is golden and base is crisp!

This is a fave for lunch around here! And its soooo good. I hope this helps you to keep your lunch choices interesting too!

This year one of my aims is to better the food eaten by ALL the family. Which sounds easy..but I have a fussy house! A kid that does not eat Veggies ( except potato, lettuce and the odd bit Of Grated Zucchini hidden in meatballs and strangely Spinach in a dip), One that wont eat salad, a 3 1/2 yr old, a Fussy male and a chick who doesn't eat steak ( but does eat minced beef)!  Im the easiest one around here!!  Some of the changes have already started..White rice- brown rice..Went down a hit! Everyone loves it!

The school lunch boxes are having an overhaul too. This week includes dried fruit, pretzels and Home made Banana and LSA (Crushed Lindseed, sunflower and almond) muffins, instead of chips and LCM bars.  Im also aiming to go as Litter free as I can! So we will see how this goes down! Alex ( Fussy 1) is the main issue. I struggle to get her to eat her school lunch at all! She would much rather socialise then eat! And she is a tiny little thing! Belle will pretty much eat anything you put in there...she is ALWAYS Starving ( her words). I will aim to share some of these ideas with you all too!

Anyway there is one more sleep till school tomorrow and i have LOTS to get done!!

Till next time,

Friday, January 21, 2011


Today we took the kids swimming. Decided to run tomorrow as we would be moving a lot in the water with them.
We all had a ball.

They were kicking and blowing bubbles lol. Was good fun.

A lot of tossing children and swinging them around, hauling them around on my back or swimming with them attached to me. Also, childfree, I did a few laps. I'm not a pro swimmer, but I can do a lap or two.

A pic of your bloggers (Sa on the left, Mel on right)

I have my day 3 of week 2 tomorrow. I've been pushing myself for those 90 seconds. I'm a bit worried about next week. I'm not sure what the intervals are. Maybe 2 mins running. It seems scary.
So yes, Wednesday I lost a little. About 600g I think or 700g. I'm still up from the first weigh which pisses me. I guess we'll see Monday. I might suggest moving weigh in until Tuesday where we haven't just eaten our usual roast chook or pork and veggie dinner. It's usually our largest meal of the week.

Anyways, that's it for now. Thank you. Come again.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

C25K Week 2!

In the bag! It was a little bit of a struggle. My Right leg felt like it was gonna give way..But I soldiered on and finished it up with a better pace and distance then week one! WOOHOOO! As promised..My Photo...

I did 3.312 in just over 30 minutes. With a pace of 9.22 min/km. Im a little unsure about next one..Lol. I have not read what to expect of the intervals on week 3. But hey, I am up for the challenge!!!

So We weighed in again on Wednesday...I was down another 700g so I was happy..Sa was down too..Still up some but had a decent loss.   So that what matters. So next weigh is Monday! Bring it on!

We got our Miracle Noodles on Tuesday too. Just in time for spaghetti night! They were awesome!!! Was so good to be able to have spaghetti and not feel like I was blowing all those carbs! Check out the Links we love for the site!

Till next time...:)

Monday, January 17, 2011


Sa is beyond pissed really. I gained a kilo and a half. That's a lot for the week and for everything I've been doing. I've not been overeating or eating crap. Feel like I might as well have been.
Yes, I've been working my muscles again more, but I'm not sore enough to warrant that much gain. Dinner probably contributed, but THAT much? I'm almost afraid to weigh on Wednesday. I've done more cardio in the past week than I have... probably ever in a week, and I end up gaining. It's enough to say why bother. Working your ass off and you gain.

Owwww, Damn and Bugger.

Weighed in this morning...I was only down .2 kg (200g). I was pissed...then I moved. OWWWWWWWWwwwww. I ache. The last few days besides running I have been doing some weights in an attempt to firm up some of those flabby bits.  So of course I can be certain that I have indeed lost more. But muscle soreness and recovery is occurring.  Does it suck on the scales. YES!  But I know by judging my body ( looser clothing, general muscle tone and  soreness) that I have indeed done better. Sa is pissed too...She GAINED. But we both have been pushing ourselves. We also had a decent sized meal last night..Roast chicken with Lots of Baked Pumpkin! ( We are both suckers for pumpkin!) So we plan to weight in again on Wednesday. 

Its important to remember to help your body to recover after a decent work out. Fluids!!  Drink lots..and sometimes you will need more then just water. Sports drinks and  re hydrating drinks can be useful.  We generally stick to sugar free ones. Just because We both try to reduce our sugar intake when we can. They are sometimes tricky to find though too. But remember to hydrate. ESPECIALLY when its hot.

Protein is important too. To help fuel you and build long lean strong muscles. So Supplements Like protein  Shakes and bars are useful. Again I lean towards higher protein with Less carbs because Im very carb sensitive and I make sure that the carbs I do eat are useful.

And stretching. Make sure that you effectively stretch your body before and after a strenuous work out. It helps to decrease soreness and cramping. Remember also if you are sore...Keep training unless the pain is crippling. Active recovery is great to help relieve some of the muscle soreness.Keep it light but it will increase the blood flow to those muscles and aid in recovery.

Remember to know your body.
Signs of Injury:
If you experience any of the following symptoms, stop exercising immediately and seek treatment:
  • Sudden, severe pain
  • Swelling
  • Extreme tenderness
  • Extreme weakness in a limb
  • Inability to place weight on a leg or foot
  • Inability to move a joint through its full range of motion
  • Visible dislocation or broken bone
  • Numbness or tingling -- this could be a sign of nerve compression and should especially not be ignored. 

I hope that this helps you to understand more about training and getting fit. Remember..keep moving and stay active!!!*

* Im currently undertaking My Certificate III in firness, But Im no way a professional yet. Remember to seek advice from a professional if you have any doubts or concerns. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Done week one

Ok, so I'm a day behind Melanie. Only because I didn't have the podcast when she started. Anyways, I'm done week one! YAY. I did 3.15km in the 30 mins today. Sadly it was a bit slack. We were both REALLY tired. Up late and up early..ish. Anyways, Monday I start week two. Which is 90 sec of running, 2 min walking. Melanie did hers today and she said she preferred it to last week. We'll see how I go. Was a bit dehydrated today and one of my calf's started to act like it was going to cramp. I stopped just long enough to rub it a bit (maybe 8-10 seconds) then back on.

Also did some weights. I would have liked to do a bit more, but we'd told Jeff we'd only be an hour and Melanie looked like she was very done. Did some hip abductors, seated rows, chest presses, deltoid raises, bicep curls and tricep lifts. The latter three about half as many as I would have liked. Then we went and did a bit of abs. Still not much as we had to get going. Tomorrow, we'll likely do a circuit they have set up there.

That's all for now.
On to week two Monday.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

C25K week One!

Is in the Bag!! Finished up week one just a little while ago! WOOHOO! 1 week down...8 to go. It was a bit more of a challenge today. We roller skater yesterday for like 2 hours.My legs were stiff but I managed a good effort. Almost as good as day 2. With a little push/sprint in the last interval.

I will take a pic on day 3 every week as a record. Hopefully a good way to keep track of my progress!
Im actually looking forward to hitting week 2!!! YAY! I might be a runner yet!

Monday, January 10, 2011

C25K Yay!

So I did it! YAY!! The stifled tied up runner in me is slowly breaking out. Ran 8 intervals of 60 seconds with 90 in between. It's a start! And I feel good. I tried running a bit on my own last year, but meh. I'm committed to doing my best. I may never be able to run the full 5 km's but I will go as far as I can.
Next time I will have to bring my knee brace as about 2/3 of the way through my right knee started bothering me. Also, I started to get a bit of a stitch in my side just at the last interval. I didn't stop though.

Did a bit of upper body work as I felt my legs had had enough. Some chest presses, bicep curls, tricep stuff and some deltoid raises and a little bit of ab stuff.
Also, there was the vibrating machine thingy Melanie was talking about before. It felt weird!! I got on and said it just felt like my ass was jiggling all over the place. Althooough.... there was one position that vibrated something else and I threatened to stay there. lol Yay for cheap thrills at the gym. hehehehe.

Anyways.... we're meant to rest a day between runs, so I guess I'll be doing day two on Wednesday.

Today was a good food day too. Had a ham and cheese and salad wrap and a peach for lunch, a protein bar before the gym and have tried to drink water, but I know I haven't drank enough. I never do. Having satay and brown rice and veggies tonight. Yum smart, but normal food again!

Anyways, that's all for now.

Welcome back Carbs

I had a conundrum. Breakfast. What to have first. Will it be the coffee I've done without for a week b/c I can't stand creme in it? (blah) Or the multi-grain toast with peanut butter? The strawberry yogurt? Or the yummy fresh peach. Hmmmm. Well of course it was the coffee! Followed by toast. mmm toast. So, as Melanie said, we've both lost about 3 kg or so. I'm down 1/2 kg from when I got here. I know I gained some from indulging in my goodies, but back in a decent place now. My goal while I was away was to get below a certain number and I just made it before I left, now I'm 2 kg under that mark.
I've got the podcasts on my mp3 now. After much hassling with them, so I suppose I'm going to start on that today. Yesterday we were going to go for a walk, but had an awesome storm come through and we didn't go. (Did however pick up some more cute gym clothes at Kmart for like $5-$10 each).

So I'm feeling much better about this quick start than last time. Felt like it was a waste of time last time. I'm happy to be off it. I didn't want crap while I was doing it, I just wanted NORMAL food sometimes.

Yesterday Melanie pulls out her shorts and says "Look! I've lost some!" lol she had! They were loser around her waist for sure! :)

Anyways, I'm sure I'll update you on how the running goes later on.

Also, I wanted to welcome our new follower! We were so excited to have a random follower!! HELLO!!

Quickstart - IN THE BAG!!!!

So this morning marks the end of QS. Sa and I both have weighed in on the trusty Wii. (It forgot Sa's name..Not mine- I avoided that part hehehehe). We are both Down around 3 kg from the weigh at the gym the other morning. Which is pretty damn good. Although we are both rather annoyed we didn't bother to weigh in to start. But Such is life! 3 kgs = about 6.6 lbs... Never mind that it was a different set of scales... it gives a good rough estimate. I could tell yesterday that I had lost some. My shorts were looser! YAY!!!

Coffee taste SOOOOO good this morning with Skim milk in it..instead of cream. But I really Cant wait to have FRUIT for breakfast! Lmao! And Carbs are back..But we are talking healthy carbs..healthy portions and eating well. I will post a sample Menu soon.

On the subject of Carbs.. I ordered some Miracle Noodles for us. Why..well Im a wog...I cants not do pasta. This way I can still have my cake pasta and eat it too. I look forward to trying them! I have heard some really good reports! And they will be great in Stir frys too!

So now the first week is in the bag...We will keep on  going! Today is meant to be a running day...So at some point today we will be hitting the gym!

C25K week 1 Day 2..Im coming after you!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I feel less productive today. I haven't got the podcast thingy yet, so I kind of have been doing my own thing. Also today my stomach was a bit upset, so it wasn't the workout I expected to have. I did jog a little, but the treadmill for me today sucked. Stupid stomach.

Anyway, yeah we did the body balance class. Was alright, but the instructor moved way too fast. I'd just get settled into a position and start to enjoy the stretch when we'd have to move. At one point I just kind of sat there on my haunches 'cause she just kept going too fast. I needed the stretch. After the weights yesterday, parts of me were pretty stiff and sore.

I'm going to try the c25k thingy. Like I said before, I'm not a runner, but I'll give it a shot. As long as my knees allow it. And apparently I've been told I'm doing a run on Mothers day. I thought that was a day to relax? geesh.

anyways, I'm just disappointed with my workout today. I still did about 20 mins, but it was definitely lacking.



So I started the C25K program today! Im on my way!  Day 1 week 1...wasn't so bad!!! I did 2.92 km in 30 minutes. Not bad considering I feel so out of shape and I still struggle to not cough too much. But It was so simple to do following the podcast! And the fact I generally am NOT a treadmill person...I ran  Jogged on the treadmill today!!!

I have set myself a goal. The Mothers Day 5 k fun run in May. Its a few months away still. And I think by then I should be in the zone. A friend Jeni has locked me in to do it with her, So I have no excuses..and I cant back out now! And Of course if Im doing is Sa!!! Muhahaha! The good thing is it should be MUCH cooler then so the heat wont be a factor.

After I did my treadmill work out Sa and stuck around and did a Body Balance Class. I love this class..Its a great stretch and core strength workout. Sadly The instructor leaves something to be desired..But I still really enjoyed it. I feel Much more limber...I also realise just how much strength I have lost over the last few months. :( I also did not care for the fact that the stupid new music ruling means that some instructors choose to use cover music rather then pay royalties...Which I DO understand ( and would probably also do when Im qualified)...But it sucks. 

This is also day 6 of Quickstart! One more day. I can tell I have lost some..My jeans were not nearly as snug today. Which is a bonus. But I still have a ways to go. I don't feel like I have really missed out on anything this time. A great food rotation  has definitely helped I think!

QS day 6...DONE! C25K...Here I come!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5 - Oh Cream cheese....How you delight me.

lol I say this as I down a second serve of  totally awesome mini baked lemon cheese cakes "Cream cheese Muffins"...Totally guilt free. With Cream...and Strawberries. Totally FULL of WIN!  The Joys of Quick start...Cream cheese is on the menu..cream too. WOOT.  I will nicely provide the Recipe of course!!!

Cream cheese Muffins
2 tubs of Cream Cheese ( about 500g)
2 eggs
Sweetener to taste ( I used around 1/4 cup)
1 lemon ( Juice and rind used)

Beat the room temp cream cheese with the eggs, sweetener and Lemon juice and rind
till creamy. ( taste to see if leomony and sweet enough)

Fill Muffin cases ( lined) with mixture and bake at 160c for 20 mins. Allow to Cool in the oven with the door slightly open.  Then Chill. And tada!!!

Serve with Strawberries and Cream!

Note:- This is not something you can have just cause..We are doing Quick start which is a low carb , high protein diet for a week.

Sa and I  had this for breakfast today. It was a nice change to bacon and eggs. So simple and totally decedent!!!I would provide a picture...However..out of the two lots I have made...I neglected to take any ( shocker I know!)  And well, we just ate the last ones. Hehe

Anyway..Today we went to the GYM! It was sooo good to finally be there. I did 27 minutes on the treadmil and did 2.5 km. I even managed a couple of jogging stretches! It was fabulous! I also did some Light machines and Weights before my body said no more and started to threaten to choke me in snot. But during cool down I felt SOOOO tight and out of shape. We plan to hit the Treadmil again tomorrow before hitting
Body Balance Class in the afternoon. It felt great to be back in one of my favourite places!!!

Anyway..Like Sa I briefly stepped onto the scales at the gym also after breakfast and coffee and with shoes.It was about as bad as I thought.... But I was SOOOO not happy with myself. I feel like I let myself and those who supported me during my weight loss down. :( I spent 27 mins on the treadmil telling myself off and declaring that I WOULD NOT let myself slip any further. Ugh. But well Im Back on the wagon and heading back to that happy place. Its all downhill ( on the scales) from here.

Anyway...It felt great to be back in the swing of things. Im super keen to get back into it. So Here we go...
Day 5...In the struggles ( well except this PITA cough!!!) 2 to go!!!


Day 5 - Workout

I signed up for the gym today. YAY. It's smaller than I'm used to and not so flash but it does the job just fine. I did feel a little lost after getting off the treadmill and choosing a weight machine to do. Just not used to the layout or some of the scary machines.

Did a 15 min treadmill warm up in which I ran first for 2 minutes and then for one. Two minutes you say? That's nothing? Well I'm not a runner and I'm just starting out. Two minutes for me was an accomplishment as I normally can only run one at a time. So I was proud of myself. Even if my throat was burning after. PT Melanie says "Go at a slower pace at first in order to control your breathing. Even though it feels like a comfortable pace, just slow it down a little bit" Yes Ma'am. Next time I will slow the jogging pace a little.

I did not jump on the wii this morning. There was too big an audience. I did get on the scale at the gym and it said I'd gained 2kg. That was after breakfast and with clothes/shoes not taken into consideration. So, not as bad as I thought I guess. That's also on day 5 of quick start so I don't know if I had gained more than that or not.

Either way, need to get those 2 kg back off and then work towards my goal. Which would be about another 5-7 kg or so. I think. I still get confused converting lbs and kg.

And, my knee keeps twitching! It's driving me crazy!! It's been going on and off for like, a month!!!

Thank you. that is all.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quick Start

So apparently we're doing quick start. Again. Last time I lost all of like, 1 kg, and wasn't impressed. We also didn't really work out last time. We've been doing a bit of walking in the evenings when it's cooler. Not really a full blown workout, but I don't have a gym membership and we've both been ill lately. I've pretty well shaken mine, but Melanie's is hanging on. So basically it was just really to get moving. It's also been too hot to do any serious workouts during the day, as we don't have air conditioning where Jillian would be kicking our butts.

Neither of us weighed in before we started. I know I've gained since I've been home. Not anyone's fault but my own. Too many good/bad things I missed while I was away. But now that I've indulged in my missed goodies, I'll be back on track. I was SO good while I was in Canada, no deserts (except for the odd mini chocolate bar around Halloween), no chips, fast food or carbs in the evening for the most part. I ended up losing about 5-6 kg or 12-15lbs.

I need to get a gym membership. At least it's cool in there and it makes me feel productive. I also want to work on the weights again. I'm feeling very slack. It's a bit more difficult with the girls out of school to go whenever we want.

Anyways, I leave the funnies to Melanie today. I may jump on the wii in the morning to give myself an idea of where I am.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3 of quick start.- carbs..what carbs?

So its day 3 of Quickstart...Not doing too bad!!!I have been creative with our meals...I need to so I dont miss those annoyingly addictive carbs. Also so I dont get the shits and give up. I still have not been brave enough to weigh in...Im ashamed to say Im afraid too. I almost rather wait a few weeks then get on the Wii. That little wii board dude is gonna yell. YES, Im afraid of that little dude.  I cant help it...When he asks where I have been..and pretends to have forgotten my name ( in spite of the fact I know I chose my Mii) It makes me feel guilty. *Hangs head*

So Last night Sa and I went for a walk..Big deal you say..well maybe, but I have been fighting this nasty headcold/flu/ gotohsomuchsnotinmyhead thing for 3 and a half weeks now. So I have to take it easy so as not to kill myself. Will be aiming to get out again tonight. Im DYING to go to the gym. I want to jump on a tredmill and get started on my Main goal for the year. C25K I want to be able to comfortably run 5 k by my birthday. Thats November...So thats not hugely unattainable. C25K is a nine week program. I figure to give myself time to do it.Especially seeing for the next few weeks I need to be heads down bum up and finish my Course.

So There you go 3. In the Bag. 4 days to go.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year..New start...

So They whole comp went out the window.With me working the Santa set and having some mega stressful few weeks my eating went to shit..Gym..whats that? Oh how I have missed it. BUT its a new year...And Im keen to get back on the wagon. I feel SO FAT!!! Ugh. I Know I have gained wayyyyyy more then I am even willing to admit. BUT I need to get my focus back,. So Starting Monday..Quick start here I come. Basicly cutting the carbs for a week. Getting rid of my body's sugar/carb dependency and hitting the gym and getting my body back.  I NEED to do this. I have spent weeks grabbing food on the run and relying on quick caffeine fixes to get me through my day. Im home now. Kids are on holidays for a few more weeks and I have to focus on my studies and myself for a bit.

So New year... NEW START!

I will be updating this blog more...I will be ranting , sharing and hoefully inspiring myself and others to get on track and get fit.