Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mel and Sa's Week 4 12 week challenge

So this week, since it's 'buddies' week, we're doing one blog entry, and each adding our own bit.
So our activity has been pretty well the same this week.

Push Ups. Last week (sa)22, (mel)30 this week (sa)20, (mel) 40
Monday: (sa)jog 3.32 in 30 mins, (mel)jog 3.55 in 30 mins
Tuesday: (both)light and lo class 75 minutes (INTENSE)
Wednesday: (sa) (high activity work) 1 km in 7 mins to bus stop
Thursday: (sa)4.5 km in 39 mins, (mel)4.5km in 37 minutes
Before the race

Mel's Time

Sa's Time

After the race ( Nevermind the half naked dude between us! Awkward!!)
Saturday: (both) Pump class 60 minutes, Zumba 60 minutes. =120

Before Two classes

After Two classes

Sunday: (sa)30 min, 3.44km, (mel)30 mins, 3.7km 45 mins weights =75
Weekly Total =346 minutes

4 Things that impressed me this week about SuperSa,By Sunshine/Mel

1.Pushed beyond her struggles ( Running - stitch/sore knees and back) to continue running.
2. Eating well and even trying new things! *yay*
3. Improved her Fun run time on last year by 2 minutes!
4. Puts up with My crazy desire to run ( and tags along too) and even crazier ideas like doing two classes at the gym Back to back.

Why I think SuperSa should Win, By Sunshine:

Melissa has not ever really shown any desire to run, it wasn't anything that she thought that she would be able to do. She has been running with me now since I started on this crazy quest. She extends herself through the pain of sore knees and most recently Stitches in her side , and the heat and humidity of running "fun runs" on hot and muggy Australian summer days. She pushes her self above her limits when I suggest doing crazy things that she isn't always sure she can do. Saturday, I decided I was going to do 2 classes. Back to back. A "Pump/weights" class followed right up with a Zumba class. She was doubtful about doing them, but still came and rocked it out. It had been tough, But she finished both classes, even though she was well and truely out of energy. Her determination to succeed in-spite of maybe not being the fastest runner or being within her comfort zone inspires me to push myself just that little bit more. She is rockin!

Why Sunshine should win this weeks challenge.

Like a lot of us, for many years Sunshine struggled with her weight. After her third child she was at her biggest and unhappy within herself. When he was about one and a half, she decided it was time to do something about it, and she was serious. She joined a women’s health centre, which helped her drastically change her diet and get her started on circuit workouts. She was dedicated and began to succeed. She joined a regular gym as well and began working out there on her own and doing classes. From her dedication, change of diet and lifestyle and without use of commercially pushed weight loss products she was greatly successful! Sunshine lost a whopping 53.5 kg or 117 lbs in about 12 months through pure hard work. Now during this time she inspired many people, myself included, to change their lifestyle and get healthy. After reaching her goal weight, she even went and began working at the weight loss centre she started her journey at. With her before and after pictures on the wall, she helped many women begin their own healthy lives, and they knew she had been there and if she could do it, they could do it.

With Sunshine as my workout buddy, she always pushes me to go just a little further than I’d do myself. “just a little further Sa, just run to that tree, just to that pole, to that car”. She’s supportive and encouraging and I couldn’t ask for a better workout partner. If I have an issue (back pain, stitches, knee pain) she looks into what could help me with it. I honestly know that without her, I’d still be in size 22 sitting on the couch watching the world go by around me.

Even though we may have slipped a little through a very rough year, we’ve both got back on it and are working hard to get back to ourselves. Our healthy selves.

4 things that impressed me this week about Sunshine

1. Encouraging work mates to participate in a race when they wouldn’t have on their own.

2. Beating her own time from last year by 4 minutes at the fun run!! AWESOMENESS!!

3. Suggesting we do BOTH Pump AND zumba, right after each other. Perhaps insanity

4. Constantly having a positive and can do attitude even when she looks like she’s pushed herself within an inch of death after a workout!

Basically, Sunshine is a positive inspiring woman who deserves to win, perhaps she hasn’t inspired as many people as Mr. Ben here, but there are many many people whose lives are better because of her.

By, Sa

Friday, January 27, 2012

Aussie day Fun run- Mel.

So we ran it again this year and I was very happy with my progress on last year!! I had roped Sa in again as well as some co-workers. All I wanted to do was finish it in better time than last year. That was my goal. And I DID! Ran it in 41:44 last year. This year it was 37:42. 4 Minutes better than last year! Not massive difference, But we have been back on track less than a month so I thrilled enough.

2012 Aussie day Fun run - Mel
It was a very over cast day and it had rained all night so I was happy enough to get up to dry skies, even if it was cloudy.It was meant to rain, but the rain held off and it meant the Sun wasn't beating down on us either.  It was a little muggy but It was a rather comfortable 27c.  We have been training for this so we were super keen. I had planned to run even if it was raining. I had been looking forward to it it.

I have to say I have really started to enjoy running and have decided to do the upcoming Mother's day ( May) run too. So hopefully by then my speed and Endurance will have built up! I never really thought I would or could be a runner. But I hope that by the end Of the year I will be both.

Fun Run

Again I say there was really nothing FUN about this run.... but I did it, and in two minutes less than last year's time to boot. WITH knee pain, a pita knee brace that kept pinching and bunching and side stitches, by slightly more than two minutes!

I know some of you may think "What?? Nearly 40 minutes to run 4.5 km's? I could do it in half the time!" I am not a runner. I'm trying to be, but I'm at the start of my running and simply unable to run more than a few minutes at a time. I do believe I ran about half the time, and my previous time for this race was 41:44 or something. My normal 5km time is closer to 45mins, so I feel like I accomplished a lot and am proud of myself.

I am absolutely exhausted though. It felt like a hell of a lot of effort and really tired me out. (It's the next day and I'm still pooped!) I was really irritated because when I crossed the line, they did not have the tickets with your place on them. Which means that when the results are posted, I will not be accurately placed at all. It likely doesn't matter to most people, but for me, it would have been nice to see the improvement and my accomplishment from the year before.

Anyways, today I am resting, possibly doing a walk later, but I seriously feel like I need the rest today. My rest day which was Wednesday was actually full on at kindy and then running to the bus stop a km away, and I was still sore from the day before at light and low class.

Last week after my weigh in on Monday, I weighed again on Wedesday and had lost about 0.3kg, then weighed again on Friday and had lost a whole 1.1 kg (in those two days). by the time my weigh in on Monday happened again, I was up again by 0.5 kg. This is why I weigh in once a week and not more. I had done nothing to have my weight increase between Friday and Monday and yet it did. I would have been perfectly happy with the 1kg weight loss from Monday to Monday if I were not aware of the half a kg fluctuation in between. I don't get it. So this week I'm waiting until Monday again. I'd rather see a little number going down than a big number go down then go up again.

Well, I shall go for now, this week's challenge is a 'buddy' challenge so I will add the pics of Melanie and I at the fun run in that thread.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Week three- Mel/Sunshine

  1. Policeman/woman in your town wearing a Do Life shirt (2 points) or holding a homemade Do Life sign (1 point).
  2. You sitting on or standing next to a tricycle with a racing bib on. In public. Bonus points for helmet and sunglasses.
  3. Statue in your town wearing Do Life shirt (2 points) or wearing a Do Life sign around its neck (1 point).
  4. Ballerina pose during your next workout. 

  1. The biggest chalk Do Life logo you can make. Outdoor basketball court? 
Doing Life at work!

  1. Screenshot of your longest walk/run of the week. ( in case you don't know how to map a run yet. Or any other mapping/GPS device.)

  1. You holding your biggest excuse on a piece of paper while defeating the excuse.
  2. You holding the DVD of AIR FORCE ONE starring HARRISON FORD the BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Bonus point for your best Harrison Ford face. GET OFF MY PLANE.
  3. You in grocery store holding a pineapple and a watermelon. At the same time.
I have a lovely bunch of.....
  1. Your super healthy grocery list. 
MMm healthy.
 7.You ignoring a warning sign.

Please do not touch the Tv.....WHOOPS!

  1. You holding a "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" sign at the local library.
  2. You with 80+year-old. Both giving the peace sign.
  3. $18.87 in change. 
Mixed Aus/Canadian $18.71

  1. Picture of a homemade smoothie. Your hand must be in front of it giving a thumbs up.
  2. Recreate a famous picture/painting.
  3. You wearing seven shirts.
  4. You with as many other people holding Do Life signs. One point for every two people. 16 people = eight points. 100 people = 50 points. 
  5. You wrapped in Christmas lights. And them turned on. I'm sorry. I know you JUST put them away.
  6. You in plank or pushup position. Outdoors. 
  7. Picture of you finishing your toughest workout of the week. Or a re-enactment of your reaction upon finishing. 
Sunday at the gym is hard work!

  1. Do Life Dog. (open to interpretation.)
  2. You at the most famous location in your town. Wearing Do Life shirt (2 points) holding Do Life sign (one point). 
  3. You with an apple on your head with an arrow through it.
  4. You pointing to your city in an actual atlas.

  1. You in a music store rocking out. 
  2. Do Life Cat. (open to interpretation.)
  3. You wearing your favorite sport's team's gear. Double peace sign.

  1. You holding a sign with how many minutes you worked out this week.
  1. You with someone named Richard. If your name is Richard, you with someone named Lauren. No cheating! ("they won't know his name is actually Bob...")
  2. You sitting in bleachers cheering on a game that's not being played. 
  3. A homemade painting of your biggest goal. No deductions for lack of painting skillz. 
  4. A lawyer's business card. Five bonus points if the lawyer's name is Larry.
  5. You standing beside a Ferrari.
My Son's red Ferrari!

  1. Picture of you on a treadmill. (2 points if the time is 30+ minutes and you appear to have actually done the 30 minutes.)
32 minutess In the bag.
  1. You. In a boat.
  2. You on the top floor of a building. 
  3. You high-fiving the grocery store cashier
    1. You in a top-hat. 
    2. You running in a top-hat.

    And that was all I got done. Damn work got in the way!

    Sunday, January 22, 2012

    Sa's Week three, 12 week challenge

    I've decided not to participate in the majority of this weeks challenges. But here is my physical info for the week...

    I'm super psyched about my weight loss this week so far. Melanie made me weigh in on Wednesday, I'd lost 0.4kg, by friday I'd lost another 1.1kg (in two days?!) I'm interested to see what it says on our official weigh in day tomorrow.

    Five quantifiable goals reassessed week 3

    · No more junk food. Chips, chocolate, cookies are my downfall

    -Nothing this week.

    · run/jog 3 x/week

    jogged twice brisk walk once

    · Drink more than 3 bottles (600mls each) of water/day

    -drinking 3 ½-5 bottles (depending on activity level) every day

    · Improve my 5km a little time every time I do it

    -I’m working on this, however the bathroom issue is a major hindrance when road running. Hit 43 mins this week

    · Get out more with the kids walking (at least once a week)

    -plans to do this Friday …DONE and continuing

    Push ups

    Last week 20, this week 22

    Intermediate/Advanced: 30 extra minutes of intense work like last week + 200 jumping jacks. (all at once or spread out)

    Monday: 3.35km 31 min jog

    Tuesday: 3km in 30 min

    Wednesday: (high activity work, allergy attack) 5km in 43 min

    Thursday: 2.3 km in 30 mins

    Friday: Blood donation

    Saturday: mowed the lawn 45 minutes

    Sunday: 3.35km In 31 minutes jogging, 5km in 13 minutes bike =44 minutes

    Weekly Total =223

    Saturday, January 21, 2012


    Both Sa and I have Logged 10lbs (4.4kg) lost in 3 weeks!!!

    YEAH US!!!!

    That is all.

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    calorie counting

    So today my friends, I'm going to discuss calorie counting.
    Melanie and I started doing this a few days ago. The first few days seemed great. I was WAY under my calorie goal, although I understand this may not be a good thing either, but it was due to exercise, adding between 300-500 calories. Today, I worked and we did not make it to light and low class that we'd usually attend, and so my calorie goal was lower, and right now, I'm about 400 calories away from that without dinner included.

    This makes me stress a little. I feel myself worrying I'm going to go over, why precisely this worries me so much I don't know, but it does. I have increased activity today, due to chasing 3 year olds around and picking up after them, but I'm a very visual person and me seeing the numbers creep up is freaking me out a little. I feel like either I HAVE to go do something tonight, or I can only eat a small amount of dinner. I've been working so hard to get fit again, that I feel like I'm going to ruin something if I eat just a little more than my goal is.

    Besides this, yesterday we went to get up for a run at 6am and it was raining. So we went to the gym and ran on the treadmill instead. I ran 15 minutes and had to hop off (thankfully the bathroom was about 10 ft away), got back on and *cue holy music* My stats were still on the screen. YAY! My legs are starting to ache a bit, from running a lot more than I'm used to. We went bowling yesterday afternoon as well with the kids, and my hips are very sore and stiff today. They had a great time, we were beat by an 11 year old on the first game, and I won the second game but my score was still horrendous!

    Well, that's it today. I'm freaking about calories, not eating enough with a workout and eating too much without a workout, and I'm sore.

    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Do Life challenge week 2 - Sunshine/Me

    Week 2 do Life challenge 

    Homework! Questions to answer in this thread before Submission Day:

    1. Tell a story of how someone went out of their way and changed your day or your life.
    My friend Jenny, we both were at a point in our lies where we were struggling. Her, with unruly children she felt no one tolerated, myself with post natal depression, and we both felt we had nobody. We met at a playgroup one day and the next afternoon I noticed her picking up her children from school and asked her in for coffee. This was the start of a beautiful friendship. She helped me to organise my life, to get my home and mhyself back in order. We expected nothing from each other and she picked me up when the days just seemed to hard. She took shelter with me when the mornings came too soon and she barely made it out the door. It was because of her support and friendship that I was able to recover. She was there for me again when I struggled after the birth of my last child as well (again) and dropped everything on several occasions when I was not coping to come and hold me up. And it was also because of her that I go on the weight loss wagon successfully. Jenny didn’t just change my life, She saved me.

    1. Where are you right now physically? Where do you want to be in 11 weeks?
     I am feeling stronger and leaner ( less bloated). I have already met my goal of the sub 40 min 5k. Feeling good! I am drinking plenty of water. My Exercise this week has been varied and constant. Pushed myself in the running department this week and ran a good time.

    3. What area of your life from last week can you improve on this week? Food? Exercise? Family? Career?
    How about Family food? We have been cutting back on processed foods encouraging the kids to have fruit for snacks. And so far the kids have been fairly good at this. Exercise was harder to achieve this week, I worked longer hours. But I still managed to rock it!

    Monday: I donated blood so Exercise was out for 24 hours. Ate well and drank loads of water, double even due to my donation.

    Tuesday: Light and Lo class. Was a little tough for me .I was struggling a little with hip pain and was a little sluggish from my donation the day before. (+60mins) then we did some Push ups and Planked after. ( +10min)

    Wednesday: I ran solo after work. Did a great time for me, 38in 42 seconds. Sa was about with Allergies
    Sweaty mess after my solo sub 40 min Run.
    Thursday: rested – I worked late shift at work. Was active all day, unpacking stock.

    Friday- Ran on the treadmill at the gym. 3.4km in 32 mins. Not my best effort but I really dislike running on the treadmill. (+32mins)  Then we planked and did Push-ups and stretches ( 30 in one set)  ( total = +45)

    Saturday: we Zumba’d 60 mins off uncoordinated dance awesomeness. (+60mins) Also sarting using Finesspal. Trailing it out to see how we like it. So far so good! 

    Sunday: Ran on the treadmill at the gym. 32 mins 3.54km. Then Did a strength work out with Sa and pal Kelly. Boxing, abs, lunges, pushups, tricep kickbacks, Jumping jacks (total = 92 mins.)

    Total = 306 mins

    Paying it forward-

    I gave two ladies change today at a coffee shop to pay for their coffee. I was coming back from my banking run at work. And I had stopped to pick up some Sugar-free sweets for my boss. I simply walked over and put it down and said ' Ladies, your next coffee is on me. Have a nice day!" They grabbed me and asked me if I was ok! I told them I just wanted them to have a nice day and enjoy their coffee .I think I shocked them, I walked away with them with their mouths a gape! It made me smile. Felt good.

    X2: Mild one really- I let an older lady go ahead of me in the line In the Ladies. She was a little more needy. She was thankful after asking if I was sure.

     Jumping jacks : 205
    Plank: 49 sec
    Push ups non stop:30

    Sa's week two 12 week challenge

    I firstly appologise to the blog readers to the repeat pictures. This is an entry for a challenge. Deal with it! :P!!!

    So as I wrote before in one of the threads, I had trouble with paying it forward. Not because I'm a mean person, but because I'm horribly shy and introverted. In my daily life, I do small nice things for people all the time, but with this challenge, I really felt pressured and that I HAD to, which really sucked the joy out of it for me and made me anxious to the point that when I finally did do it (by giving the guy at the counter at the gym the money for the next person who wanted a gatorade) that my hands were shaking and I was having a near on panic attack. Not what was intended by this challenge I know, but this was not just out of my comfort zone, but put me over the edge into anxiety. I think it also says something that it was Sunday before I could do it, literally the last day possible.

    Besides that part of the challenge, I think the week went well, even with a few days of forced inactivity (due to blood donation and an allergy attack).

    1. Tell a story of how someone went out of their way and changed your day or your life.

    2. Where are you right now physically? Where do you want to be in 11 weeks?

    3. What area of your life from last week can you improve on this week? Food? Exercise? Family? Career?

    1. I think the first thing that comes into my mind was once when getting on a plane and leaving my family I was quite clearly very upset. I was crying and lingering, not wanting to leave, as I didn't know when I’d be back. The flight attendant was patiently waiting for me to board (I was the last one) and gave me a sympathetic look. Once I was seated, before we even took off, she approached me and placed a gentle hand on my shoulder asking me if I was alright and offering me a bottle of water. This small act made a world of difference to me, enough that I emailed the airline complimenting her service and care.

    2. Right now I’m feeling better about myself, but I know that I still have a long way to go. When I was unable to workout, I felt like I was slacking and I WANTED to be doing something. This is a good sign, the fact that I missed moving and wanted to do more of it. In 11 weeks, I hope to be nearer to my goal weight and fitting into my smaller clothes.

    3. I’m attempting to improve my stamina. I think this really needs some work and this is the area I’m focusing on currently. That and getting ready for the 5km fun run in a week and a half. I want to be able to do well, well by my own standards.

    Five quantifiable goals reassessed at the start of week 2

    · No more junk food. Chips, chocolate, cookies are my downfall

    -Awesome. No naughty food at all this week.

    · run/jog 3 x/week

    -went 4 times last week, three times this week, even with the week messed up with allergies.

    · Drink more than 3 bottles (600mls each) of water/day

    -drinking 3 ½-5 bottles (depending on activity level) every day

    · Improve my 5km a little time every time I do it

    -I’m working on this, however the bathroom issue is a major hindrance when road running. The gym helps with this, but I can’t run 45 mins-ish at the gym. Far too boring.

    · Get out more with the kids walking (at least once a week)

    -plans to do this Friday …DONE and continuing

    Push ups

    Last week 15, this week 17 20

    Intermediate/Advanced: 30 extra minutes of intense work like last week + 200 jumping jacks. (all at once or spread out)

    Monday: Rest (blood donation)

    Tuesday: 70 minutes light and low class (Intense) 9x8 = 72 jumping jacks 17 pushups

    Wednesday: (high activity work, allergy attack)

    Thursday: Felt really off and hot

    Friday: 32 minutes 3.5km (17 pushups), 43 sec plank (back issue) 10 min strength, 70 min 6km=112 minutes

    After 5kms of the 6km walk with Kelly and the kids.

    Saturday: Zumba 60 mins (48 jumping jacks) 10 min strength 23 sec plank, 20 pushups =70minutes

    After Zumba! We had a ball!!

    Sunday: ran c25k, 3.4km in 31 mins, strength workout 60 mins (including 80 jmpjks) =91 minutes

    After the treadmill attack. It's not pretty, but it's real.

    Weekly Total =343 minutes 200 jumping jacks

    Write 4 things you did well every night

    Monday: off low carb but ate lower than normal carb, was motivated and handed in Uni papers and hung flyers to sell books, drank 3 bottles of water, wasn’t sick on a windy hilly road (yay)

    Tuesday: pushed through class, made monte cristo sandwiches for the kids, and had tuna, crackers and veggie sticks for myself (yay), had dill pickles for an afternoon snack, ate normal portion for dinner even though I was starving!

    Wednesday: stayed at work even through massive allergy attack, just drank my goal water, did not snack on kindy sandwiches and instead had a healthy mango smoothie.

    Thursday: did some washing, ate well, drank well

    Friday: Went to the gym even though I didn’t want to, took the kids for a walk (ride) around Riverway, about 6km (one of my goals), Drank LOADS of water.

    Saturday: Tried something new, ZUMBA, and it was fun. Ate awesomely with calories to spare, started tracking with myfitnesspal, did 20 pushups.

    Sunday: had awesome gym session and pushed myself and a friend, did exercises I normally avoid, ate well, drank loads

    Sunday morning ass kickin

    So we've recently (yesterday) started using Myfitnesspal. It se
    ems good, but a little frustrating when it doesn't give you credit for calories burned during weight training. Right now I feel like I'm on the right track. Tomorrow is weigh in day. (Yay?) I feel good. I know I've lost a few cm in my belly which is great and my waist.

    Today was day 2ish on c25k week 2. I suffered a little near the end. The treadmill I was on did not incline and I usually have it at least on 1 and I couldn't, so I ran flat. My calves started hurting about 2/3rds of the way through. I pushed and pushed through (I stopped to stretch my calves twice but only for a couple seconds and jump back on). I actually did better than the last time with 3.4km in 31 mins. (YAY)

    So here's me after the treadmill attacked me today.

    Sa no like running sometimes. I look a little stunned and had literally just stopped running and was still breathing hard. (Attractive picture eh?)

    So after this, we did a couple weight machines, but then went into the empty class room to kick our butts a little. Our buddy Kelly came for a good ass whuppin and got one! We started out with a little boxing, (two boxed, one did jumping jacks) Got in the remaining 80 today and completed our 200 for the weekly challenge. We'd switch around so everyone got a turn doing everything. Did some lunges across the room, some squats and wall sits, tricep extensions and dips, crunches and a few other things at this point which I don't remember.

    So I feel sufficiently worked today and expect to be sore tomorrow (when we will be going bowling and using those arms, well the right one, even more). That's me for today.

    Saturday, January 14, 2012

    Dear poor girl on the bike at the gym,

    I know I apologised at the the time, and even after the class. But I thought you deserved a public apology. I apologise for the disturbing scene that you had a front row for whilst you attempted to partake in your gym activity. No one deserves to witness me shaking my fat bum in a poor attempt at a Zumba class. I also apologise for the totally lack of co-ordination and bad rhythm that I displayed. I truly hope that you are able to sleep tonight. ;)

    To the Instructor Dude with the Hat,

    Thanks for not laughing at me and for making the class seem at least do-able for a clumsy woman like myself . Thank you for also not making it so tricky that I fell on my ass. Thank you for also wearing that awesome Bermuda hat the whole class. It was stylish! And amusing. VERY amusing.

    It looked like this. On a spindly little white boy Instructor. In Muscle shirt.

    Dear Sa,

    I had fun!!! Let's do that again! :) I might even learn how to dance...or not. :P

    Your clumsy uncoordinated Gym Partner,

    P.s - girl on the bike....I am really, really, REALLY, REALLY Sorry. Again. Bill me for the therapy,

    (from Sa)

    Hahahahhahaha... That's hilarious... I did say before the class started we should shut the curtains! And I agree, we shall do that again. It was fun even if we did make up our own moves occasionally! I also would like to thank white, white boy gym instructor for adding in jumping jacks which helped towards our 200 count
    And thanks for addressing me personally. I feel so special!

    Btw, after this class we had to run and leap through a heavy rain storm and were both soaked by the time we got to the car some couple hundred meters away.

    Friday, January 13, 2012

    Sa plays catch up.

    Hello loyal readers :)

    So, because of circumstances beyond my control, I haven't been able to do as much as I would have liked to this week. Today, I feel like I made up for it. This morning Melanie and I went to the gym and ran week 2 of c25k. I did alright although by the end I was a bit pooped. And speaking of.... I didn't even have to stop! Was waiting for it for sure! But I digress...
    We also worked on our pushups, and planks. I'm still sitting at 17 push ups, after much deliberation about form. And 43 second plank, but my back spasmed at that point and I had to drop.
    After the morning run, I went for a walk in the afternoon with a friend and the kids around Riverway. We walked the whole thing, which is just short of 4km, then walked back to the park for the kids to play (another 1km) and back again to the cars (another 1km). We ran a little but it was much much too hot to keep it up for long. Was definitely a good walk for sure. It took us between 60-70 minutes for all that walking. Which is pretty good with 4 kids in tow stopping for drinks and bike issues.

    So here's a selfie of me from my new phone once we finally sat down. The kids had donuts, we shared a protein bar lol

    Apparently I'm winking for some reason. I dunno why. I actually like this pic though!

    anyway, I feel like I've made up for the lack of movement at the start of the week. YAY for me!

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    When you gotta run....

    You gotta run, Baby!! I ran Solo tonight, with Sa unfortunately out with a bad case of allergies. So since I was solo I thought it would be a good chance to push myself to see just how I would go. I am Very VERY happy with it, even if I did feel like my head was gonna explode!!!  I think my brains iht have fried just a little bit. :P

    A great time for me, not my fastest, but still not bad! My usual route - 38min 46 seconds.

    Sweaty Sweaty mess!

    Im pretty happy with that!! And I seemed to have figured out my hip issue too. I think I am not striding right when I run. I think I kind of pull short on the left leg. I made a point of extending my stride and it felt better. So I might work on that.

    I know that this is not the kind of running that I can do all the time. Im just not fit enough yet. But I will be. Mark my words.

    1 Month Goals:

    ·       Eat well - cut down on processed foods

    ·       Lose 8 kg

    ·       Exercise at least 4 times a week

    ·       Drink at least 2 litres of water

    ·       5k in  40 mins        - DONE!!!

    Sad, stiffly Sa

    Feeling a bit crappy today. Some allergen has got a hold of me today and not let me go. I suffered all day at work until about 1:30 (that may not seem like all day but I started at 6am so it was), until a nice co-worker got some hay fever tabs and shared. I'm still not feeling even 60% 7 hours later. Melanie's going out for a run, and I just can't. My nose is raw and the more I move around the more it runs. Medication or not. I want to go :( but I know reality is I can't.

    I used to suffer 6 months of the year with allergies in Canada but haven't suffered at all since I've been here, until today.

    So I'm pouting just a little bit. *stomps foot* I wanna go too! Damn allergy attack.

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    And the total is............!!!!!!

    After a week of a low Carb, high protein diet. Exercising our bums off and challenging ourselves with early morning and night time runs, Sa and I weighed in this morning. And we both had FANTASTIC losses over the week. YAY us!!

    And the stats are:

    Mel: Starting weight: 93.6kg
    Weigh in today: .......90.4kg
    = 3.2 kg loss!!!! ( 7 lbs)

    Sa: Starting Weight: 90kg
    weigh in today:......87.1kg
    = 2.9kg loss!!!! (6.5 lbs)

    We are off to a great start for our new year!!! We are both so thrilled at our results. *Happy Dance*

    Now I forgot to post up my Self portrait yesterday Morning so here it is!

    Mel - week one

    Meh, well there it is.  But I can see that I am less bloated and My skin look great. So that is the positive spin I am putting on it today! :)
    No exercise for me today, I gave blood this morning and Im not allowed strenuous exercise for 24hrs. Which is Ok, cause that means I can still Do my class tomorrow Morning!! WOOT!

    Till next time people!

    Sunday, January 8, 2012

    Mel's/Sunshine's 12 week Challenge - Week 1.

    I have been on this wagon before. I waged that battle and won. I felt fantastic when I final made my goal weight. And now I just feel like I failed. I *know* that I haven't failed, I have kept off half the weight now for over 2 years. But I not where I was or want to be. I'm hoping that this challenge will help me to get back to where I should be..Physically and mentally. I have great expectations!

    Anyway...onto the challenge!

    Do Life challenge week one.

    1 Month Goals:

    ·       Eat well - cut down on processed foods

    ·       Lose 8 kg

    ·       Exercise at least 4 times a week

    ·       Drink at least 2 litres of water

    ·       5k in  40 mins

    Where I am at now 2 Jan:

    ·       eat well - work in progress , got back on track 2/1

    ·       Lose 8 kg - 93.6kg currently. ( Yep its out there)

    ·       exercise at least 4 times a week- 1 down 4 to go

    ·       Drink at least 2 litres of water - Work in progress.

    ·       5k in 40 min - currently 45min. ( mostly walking)

    Biggest excuse for not working out is TIME! Never seems to be enough hours in the day. Being a mummy to 3 kids, wife and working doesn't seem to leave me with much me time. Now Im waking up early to MAKE time!

    We smashed out an extra intense workout for the Intermediate level for the Challenge!


    Push ups - 26 modified. After an arm workout doh. silly me!

    My Four good things per day:

    Monday 2/1

    ·       Got up early to exercise

    ·       Drank lots of water

    ·       Did a huge clean up

    ·       had a friend over for dinner

    Tuesday 3/2

    ·       Went to the gym and did a class

    ·       Spent time with the kids at the aquarium

    ·       Drank lots of water

    ·       Ate well!

    Wednesday 3/1

    ·       Ate well

    ·       Worked and didn’t eat Lollies from the drawer at work!

    ·       Drank plenty of water

    Thursday 4/1

    ·       Got up early and ran.

    ·       Ate awesomely!

    ·       Worked and resisted the junk in the drawer

    ·       Drank loads of water!

    Friday 5/1

    ·       Was Nice to My Mother In Law. We don’t exactly see eye to eye. ( this counts right??)

    ·       Ate well - resisted Ice cream AND cheesecake at the In laws.

    ·       Exercised – ran 5 k!

    ·       Had a Healthy lunch at work!

    Saturday 6/1

    NEW SHOES!!!! One good thing!!

    ·       Gonna go try them out!

    ·       Ate great. Healthy Fast options at work!


    Sunday 7/1

    ·       Major Gym Session!
    ·       Going out for dinner and eating on plan

    ·       Resisted Alcohol - drank coke zero

    ·       7 days of amazing eating!!

    Great week one. Feeling great about the first week. We worked out hard!  Early morning before the sun came up even!  5 am running is hardcore!!!

    5am is never pretty. ahah!

    No workout for me tomorrow am.. Im off to give Blood at 8 am. So Drinking lots of fluids!!! Back to regular food tomorrow. Rocked out 7 awesome low carb days. Woohoo!!

    Bring On week 2 I say.