Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 4 C25K - A PB!!!

So Its about 24 hours late...But last night I had the desire to go for a spontaneous run. So off I went after dinner..It was dark..and WAAAY cooler then trying to run in daylight. Ipod loaded up with my C25K week 4 podcast. a small bottle of water... and Shock gum. ( I have to run with gum or my mouth gets really dry and it bugs me!!) I dashed out the door at 7 :42 pm ( after Telling Sa that if I was not back in 60 mins to come find me!) , Ran our usual route and watched the lightening roll in. Lucky for me the rain held off. But it would have been kinda nice. It was still humid as hell.

So warming up I sorted my game plan. I would do the podcast, pace myself well and not try to push myself too unreasonably. hit our turn around point at roughly half time.. I knew If I did this I would be doing amazingly well. But alas it was not quiet to be, I hit half way with the turn in my sight but non the less I kept up till I got there...Touched and returned back towards home. By now my mouth was dry as And I hate drinking a shitload of water on a long run..(its sloshes and makes me feel sick), My Last 5 min run...was HELL. Im running along this dark myself a verbal pep talk..."Come on Mel...Nearly can do It Mel...Push through it..." Rinse and repeat.  It would have sounded mad to anyone crazy enough to listen to me.  I hit the end of my cool down for the podcast just around the corner from home. Slipped on some random music ( It happened to be Stacey's Mom) And paced myself out the last 900m home. I hit the front step as it ended. So I did a pb! 4.43k in 32 mins(podcast time) and "Stacey's Mom"(3:16 min)....For an official time of 35:16. ( dumb arse me has logged it as 36:16 on Daily mile) knocking over 6 mins off my time from the IGA fun run less than a month ago!!!!

To mark the occassion...I took a photo.. ;)

Hot mess Me!

Yay For Personal best times!!! On my way to hitting that Magic 5 k in 30 mins!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do Life.

Its been awhile since I posted.. We had a natural disaster . Cyclone Yasi came by to mess us up. We Survived...a Little windblown up but we're still good! Now back to our regular scheduled programming...

Doing life.  Im doing it... For a long time life was doing me. But In the last 2 and a half years I have done a lot to change so much about my life. I lost weight...Thus bettering my health, my chances to live a longer more productive life. I have put myself back out in the work force ,I am studying and generally doing things that I love doing. What more could I want right??

  • I WANT a job that I love and I am passionate about.
  • I WANT to be able to live comfortably,to help provide for my family. (See want one)
  • I WANT to be happy and Content knowing that I have given Life my very best shot. ( In progress)
  • I WANT to travel and experience new places and all that they offer.( One can dream right?)
  • I WANT  my kids to be healthy and happy. ( Work in progress ;) )
  • I WANT to be able to run 5 K ( working on it)
  • I WANT  to be debt free. ( See Want one again)

Is that really too much to ask???  So Life... Its On.... IM coming after you!

Not so Sincerely...


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cyclone yasi

Somehow, whilst preparing for this lovely cyclone Yasi, we've missed time working out. Shock. That's not really why I'm writing today. I'm freaked and stressed out. The cyclone is meant to hit in about 8-10 hours. I've never been through this kind of weather before and I'm super worried. We're as prepared as can be I guess, but still. SO, my dilemma is... I'm freaked out and I want comfort food. I want cookies and sugar and junk. I've eaten lunch, and an apple, and then a bit of pineapple, but I want crap.

Thank you for your attention, that is all.