Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do Life.

Its been awhile since I posted.. We had a natural disaster . Cyclone Yasi came by to mess us up. We Survived...a Little windblown up but we're still good! Now back to our regular scheduled programming...

Doing life.  Im doing it... For a long time life was doing me. But In the last 2 and a half years I have done a lot to change so much about my life. I lost weight...Thus bettering my health, my chances to live a longer more productive life. I have put myself back out in the work force ,I am studying and generally doing things that I love doing. What more could I want right??

  • I WANT a job that I love and I am passionate about.
  • I WANT to be able to live comfortably,to help provide for my family. (See want one)
  • I WANT to be happy and Content knowing that I have given Life my very best shot. ( In progress)
  • I WANT to travel and experience new places and all that they offer.( One can dream right?)
  • I WANT  my kids to be healthy and happy. ( Work in progress ;) )
  • I WANT to be able to run 5 K ( working on it)
  • I WANT  to be debt free. ( See Want one again)

Is that really too much to ask???  So Life... Its On.... IM coming after you!

Not so Sincerely...


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