Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello again

So here I am again, 'round the other side of the world.  No gym membership and little motivation.  The 5 months stuck in one place weighing on me.  All the effort, all the workouts and proper eating seem pointless. I'm back for good this time. Sadly.  Tuition at 3x that of a local student began to get a little too expensive.  Looking for a job now, and trying to organize finishing school here, but it doesn't appear easy.  I've been trying to run, but I've been booted back to the first week of c25k, and my Mom's bought me a group of bootcamp classes which I begin tonight.

I don't really want to be here, but sadly it's out of my control.  I'm trying to eat pretty well, which is difficult when you just get back to where there are lots of delicious things you haven't had in a long time.

Not sure what else to say right now.  I hope this boot camp can help me get over this hump because it's so frustrating when you're doing all the right things but not getting the results.


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