Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two week update!

 So I have been eating well and exercising for two weeks now, And I am feeling so good!! It has come back almost like a favourite pair of shoes...Like I never stopped! Need to step up the exercise a little more..but after hitting the gym last week I was SORE!!!! But I still managed to get on my Elliptical during the week.  Hit the gym Yesterday...and Going again today...AND tomorrow! CANT WAIT!!!!

In my pursuit of getting fit and healthy again I have been doing some food/recipe forging...I wanted some ideas on good healthy interesting things for breakfast. In this hunt I stumbled upon Oatmeal pancakes. There are SOOOO many recipes out there and after looking around decided to wing it and make up my own.
And of course it follows:

Mel's Oatmeal Pancakes.

3 egg whites
1/2 cup of Oat flour
3 pks of Sweetener
2 tablespoons Self raising Flour
3/4 Cup of Quick oats
3/4 cup of warmed skim milk. (  a couple of Tablespoons reserved )
Vanilla to taste
A dash of Cinnamon

  • Combine the Oats( not the flour) with the warm milk and allow to stand. Alternately Combine them the night before and refrigerate over night to soften .   
  • Beat the egg whites to a stiff peak, adding the sweetener. 
  • In the bowl with the softened oats combine all the other dry Ingredients combining well.
  • Gently Fold the egg whites through. If they are not quiet runny enough...gently stir in a tablespoon  at a time of skim milk til slightly runnier.
When combined  ladle about 1/4 of mixture per pancake onto a medium-low heated fry pan. ( I used a non stick pan without adding anything to it)  you may need too add the spreading to give and even thickness. Be sure to not over heat the pan. They do take longer to cook than regular pancakes hence the lower heat.  When They are a nice golden brown flip them over. The second side doesnt take as long and wont be as golden.  This recipe made me about 6 pancakes. Which is about 3 serves. (2 pancakes a serve)

I served them With Low fat vanilla yogurt and Frozen raspberries.  Nutrition Panel below. :)

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