Saturday, December 17, 2011

New year, New motivations and a pledge.

So we have been so so Slack!! With work being all over the place and Christmas fast approaching it has been almost impossible to get any kind of workout happening. I miss working out a LOT! I work in retail so my hours leading up to the new year and really the whole month of January( we have "back to school" following Christmas) are very full on and I am hoping that once the new year starts I will have more time to do things that I love.  I plan to be on track and 100% dedicated after Christmas. Until then I plan to at least try to keep my food reasonable and To keep focused on my goals for 2012. I AM determined to get myself back to ME!

  • Be eating on plan- healthy!!
  • Working out regularly 5/6 times a week!
  • Running often!! 2-3 ideally
  • In the zone and Making ever workout count!!!
  • Run a 5 k race. Hoping for several even! 
This is my OATH to myself.


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