Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Me

Happy New Year all.

So it's January 1st and I'm all geared up for a new start tomorrow. Going on quick start (no carbs) for a week. It can be challenging, but if I put in the physical effort as well, it can pay off. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and I think we're taking photos again. We've signed up for a 12 week Challenge with Ben and his crew, so hopefully it will keep us motivated and inspired as well.
Apparently the plan is to jog 3 mornings a week, class at the gym on Tuesdays, our 2 hr Sunday session and miscellaneous other activities throughout the week.

So here's to it. I ended the year a year ago (2010) at a healthy weight, and I'm going to start this year getting back there.

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