Saturday, August 28, 2010

Motivation....Where for art thou?!

So this little wager should prove interesting...I put this wager on the table because I needed some motivation to get back on the horse.Im studying to Become a gym instructor and while my heart is there...Well the body is lacking. And while I have gained some of my hard lost weight back, I have no desire for it to stick around. (well except on my boobs..they look great!!) So I wagered that we have a little friendly competition.

So it will be 12 weeks of slogging it out at the gym and Eating well. Because there is NO WAY in hell you will catch me wearing purple and yellow. Anyone who knows me knows that this is my most despised colour combination for ANYTHING! And Well I REALLLLLLLLY want to see Sa wear a Pink dress! Haha!

She will look soo pretty! * hides *

There will be some changes...I plan to switch Gyms. I need a more convenient place to work out. And I will be getting my butt moving where ever possible. Sa has been Whining...I mean "pointing out" that she thinks that Im at an advantage...She says I have no Halloween or thanksgiving to worry about...Um hello...I love to cook. I can very well become my own worst Enemy! In fact lately I have been! Eeep. So you will not only hear about our rants and ravings..I plan to post up any healthy Inspired food recipes that I come up with Along the way...I DID say I love to cook!!  

Hold on..we are in for a interesting ride!!!

☼ Mel ☼

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