Friday, August 27, 2010

What did I agree to?!

Alright, so unfortunately, we've both gained a bit of weight (Damn you Easter and your yummy treats!) since the summer. I hadn't quite gotten to my goal weight, but I will this time. Maybe not in the 12 weeks, but I will.
A few things to consider about this little wager. First off, me not liking pink, is very much an understatement. Some of you may think that it's not that big a deal, but if you know me, you know I DON'T WEAR PINK, or dresses usually.
I feel (I'm not complaining just pointing out a few factors) that I'm at a bit of a disadvantage. I will miss 3 days traveling, then more days adjusting to my new time zone. I wont have a gym to go to right off. Just me, the pavement (I'm not a big runner) and a 20 year old treadmill, which probably hasn't been used in 19 years. My Mom loves to make desert. And I love to eat it, so my will power will have to be at it's highest.... on that note as well, I will have Halloween AND Thanksgiving to get through (Which Melanie will not). All those tempting little tiny snack sized chocolates and comfort food.
So, this being noted, I'm going to have to work my butt off even harder. Guess I'm going to turn into a runner... if my knees will allow it, until I can find a job and gym that doesn't require contracts.
At least I'm being given a couple of days to stop swelling and for my body to adjust again after getting back home.
Our weigh in will be Monday morning, along with measurements, which even now I'll be interested in comparing to when I first got here.


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