Monday, August 30, 2010

Data recorded...

So we're weighed and measured and ready to go in a couple days. I'm off to Canada early tomorrow morning and will be travelling for 36 hours. Assuming everything is running to schedule.
I'm not looking forward to airline and airport food. Blah. Even though there may be healthy choices, it will be difficult to do it on the road... or air... like that.
I compared my measurements to those I got done when I first got here, and I'm not impressed. Two different people measured, so it's not spot on, but still. I FEEL the difference... I'm still down about 6 dress sizes in the bottom, 4 in the top from when I first got here. We've both sent memos to our boobs to stay. Lets hope the memos get received this time.

Well this was just a short update. I'm will blog more once I've arrived up in the Great White North.... hoping it's not so white while I'm there.


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