Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ello Elllo There!...

So Im around. Not having much to say as of late. But I thought I should update too. Today is the day of the Dress. The wedding that we have been waiting for. Some really good friends of ours are getting hitched! So excited! Im heading off to the Hairdresser shortly to have my hair done. I totally SUCK at doing my hair for special occasions. Hair is NOT my Strong point. Wish it was, instead of paying someone $55 to do my hair. Anyway. So excited. Will put some pictures up tomorrow. YAY!

On the weight loss side of things I seemed to have stopped. I'm still eating well and exercising but the scales are not budging.Though the clothes are still looser. :(  It is a little frustrating. I have just started a week off work so I plan to be a busy little bee and get a lot done around this place. As well as hitting the gym a good few times as well. I also plan to chill out a bit too. I have a few HUGE weeks coming up at work. So much to do and I'm very grateful for this little break. 

So that is where I am at...Short and Sweet. Will update here tomorrow with some photos!


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