Friday, October 7, 2011

Photo update

So here we are about a month in to getting back into it. I don't feel or see really much difference which is disappointing. I know that it is not a fast process, and takes time, but some results would be good. I meant to jump on the scale this morning but had had coffee and breakfast before I remembered.
We took pictures AFTER the gym this morning (so we look a little scruffy) because we didn't really have time before. Upon looking at them and comparing them to last months, we've realised a few things. 1. We really should wear the same clothes so we can see changes. Some things are looser, some tighter and doesn't give a good idea. 2. We need to take them in the same spot, mine we moved to a different area because the camera wasn't focusing, and it's hard to tell as the background wall is another colour. 3. We need to try to get the same distance and zoom, as a closer picture is hard to compare to one further away. But alas, here are my October

pictures. I do not see much/any difference.


  1. okay ladies....I'm just checking in! I've been waiting patiently for a blog update.....Let me know all is well :-)

  2. lol sorry! We've both updated. I was on my way here anyway when I saw your comment!