Sunday, October 23, 2011

Better late then never.

 So we have been a little slack around here.I have been crazy busy at work and making time to work out has been difficult. I will say eating wise we have been mostly good. we had a small blow out on Friday Night. I had a really long day to end off a really long week and was feeling shit. But we are back on track and Hit the gym today.

I had that family Function last night. It was so great to see all my family and catch up. It was my grandmothers Surprise 70th birthday. We travelled out of town for the Night and came home late so I was really tired today. But we went and we biked and did some weights and I was glad I went. It felt good.

I have been really slack about getting my one month update photos up so I will do that now. My weight has been stable the last week or so. But I know that is because I have not been active enough. But Plan to get on that this week. are my pictures. i can see a slight difference. I can feel it in myself and In my clothes.

So anyway, that is my update.I promise to be around a bit more. I will be more active and Working out more regularly.

till next time!

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