Friday, October 28, 2011

Quickie at the gym ;)

Well, I think this post is not going to be as exciting as the title implies, but it got your attention, no?

So in an attempt to post more I am posting today.
This morning we had a quick workout at the little guy was down in child care, so we only had about an hour. The place was a bit busy so we were forced onto the treadmills. I wasn't feelin it. I did ten minutes on there and did two stints of one minute running and actually had a hard time breathing for some reason. But hopped off there and did some weight machines, and then got on an open bike for 15 minutes. I felt tired and couldn't really go longer. I was tired when I got there in the first place so I guess 25 minutes of cardio is still good. We were going to go Tuesday morning as well, but of course I start having these lovely hives. They spontaneously occur and come out of no where. I'm just not able to pinpoint what's causing them.

So I've been organising my notes for studying. I'm nearly finished my psychology ones. That's my first exam, so I want to get that done first, and really, it's the biggest and scariest. Although I'm going into that exam with a good start as the assignments I've done have given me good marks.

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  1. Hello Ladies! I'm making my way back to the blogosphere...and the gym. I'm happy to see y'all are keeping up the good fight with some great workouts logged on the Daily Mile. Awesome!