Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mel's week 5 Do Life challenge post.

It has been a good week work out wise. And even my running has been on track!

But now for my submission.

1 Month Goals:

·       Eat well - cut down on processed foods
·       Lose 8 kg
·       Exercise at least 4 times a week
·       Drink at least 2 litres of water
·       5k in  40 mins

How did I go???:

·       Eat well - cut down on processed foods: Mostly a success. I have opted for a healthy frozen meals instead of Fast Food on days I have been at work all day. So that is a Win! Generally my food choices have been great!
·       Lose 8 kg - I have lost 6kg ( 13lbs). So perhaps I was a little Ambitious but I am happy with my results.
·       Exercise at least 4 times a week:  Most weeks It has easily been 4-6 times a week. So Im thrilled with this!
·       Drink at least 2 litres of water: Judging by the overwhelming need to pee a million times a day..This has been a success too!
·       5k in 40 mins: Yep and yep! Both on the road and In the fun run. Im currently doing c25k and did 4.3k in 34 mins today. So Im well and truly on track there!

Push ups:43 
Best plank effort was :1 minute 8 seconds.

My New goals:

  • Continue to eat well and track my food.
  • Lose 6 kg this month. 
  • Continue the C25k running program!
  • Run 5k in less than 35 minutes. 
  • Cook some more fun and healthy meals for the family.
Push up goal: 60
Plank goal:1 min 20 sec.

I didn't send my Buddy a workout. But At the gym today we did shake things up a bit. I had us doing 2 x 20 crunches with a medicine ball ( with a person standing on the feet) and rotate out with our friend Kelly.  One of us Crunched whilst the other Did Jumping Jacks x 20 and Push ups x10 and repeat.  We switched out till all of us had done each station.  

Jumping Jacks this week, I managed 150 - will try To squeeze in some more this afternoon to finish them up! 

Really enjoying thee challenges so far!!

My activity for the week was:

Monday: Serious housework 120 mins
Tuesday: Light and Lo - 70 mins
Wednesday: Run 34 mins  4.03 k
Thursday: rest Day
Friday: Run 34 mins and 4.07 k , bike 9:33 4:16 km and 35 mins of Weights. 
Saturday :worked all day - rest day.  
Sunday: Run 34 Mins running -4.3 k, 45 mins Strength and weights.

= 381.5 mins of exercise this week!

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