Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mel's week 6 Challange..and Update!

 So this week has been a tough one for me. I have been full on at work and at home. I gave blood again on Monday, but this time did my first PLASMA donation ( I donate to Australian Red Cross for the record. It is Illegal to be paid for this donation in Australia)! Which I have to say was kinda weird and somewhat educational! I have a somewhat rarer blood type ( Ab+), so I am a great choice for a plasma donor. I also learnt that while plasma generally is a bright yellow colour,  mine looks more like a darker yellow/olive greenish ( due to my birth control apparently). haha  Sketchy. So while this meant I had to rest up for Monday, it has not slowed me down workout wise at all!
Later in the week I was feeling pretty run down. I had two long shifts (one late night) this week back to back and on top of working out and home commitments I was feeling a bit burnt out. But I rested up Friday night. Pumped an extra dose of Vit b6 sups on Saturday. And I was good as gold. 

been working hard at getting in my net calories too. Some days ahve been harder then others. i struggle to cover what Im burning off. 

But Now Onto the Challenge!


Focus on your excuses again. Write them down and defeat them. 
 -Work: Been working out BEFORE. And If not before. Getting it in at night. :) 

 Commit to exercising all seven days even if it's just active recovery.

-  6/7 this week due to plasma Donation. But Im pretty happy.

Get outside the box. One day, do an exercise routine you've NEVER done. Go to Zumba, try a swim class, go rollerblading. It doesn't matter what it is, but give it your all and push hard.

- Got this one done by chance!!  Thursday's Light and Lo class = Surprise circuit class! ZOMG, That Instructor is TERRIBLE!! 
Surprise Circuit we walked into!

Intermediate-Advanced: Do your scheduled routine but add a workout from your partner. 
 - Regular workout CHECK! Late Night extra Run CHECK! Workout from Buddy...Um. No. But we did convince each other to NOT chicken out of the Circuit class. So that Counts ...right?

Message your partner telling them to give you an assignment.
Stay connected with your partner.

- Melissa And I check in with each other daily ( living together it is rather handy!)  But we always make sure that we are not over doing it and Push each other when we need it. :)

Send the Men in Black to my apartment to zap out the Super Bowl. Do not want to remember.

"It was a bad bad dream, Superbowl hasn't been played. In fact the game was cancelled. Due to a Pocket of Swamp gas exploding and knocking out the Satellites."

Push hard, guys. We have to stick with it even when it's getting monotonous. 

After the Class On Thursday.

Work Out breakdown for this week!: 
Monday: Plasma

Tuesday: Run (treadmill) - 34 mins 4.03k. Weights 35 mins, Bike- 7 mins. 1.85k

Wednesday: Outdoor run!! 5 k - 37mins ( 07:24 pace)

Thrsday: Surprise circuit Class- 65 mins 

Friday: Treadmill run - 4.22k  35 mins. Stationary bike -3.59k 9;10 min.

Saturday: Bike- 8.56k  20mins. Body balance class -55 mins.

Sunday: Run- 35mins - 4.52 k , Weights- 55mins - Bike 13 mins. 5.48k

Total: 400 mins!!

Push Ups- No idea how many. Just kept going till I couldn't do any more. 

Till next week Do lifers! 

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