Monday, February 20, 2012

week 7

Week 7 was mainly about trying new foods and things like that. I have tried many many new things in the past few years and at this point have tried everything new that I'm willing to. So I haven't really participated this week, but I thought I'd add in my usual stuff anyways.

Push ups Last week 30!!! Didn’t do them this week

Monday: rest/ill
Tuesday: rest/ill
Wednesday: work high activity, 42 mins 5km run
Thursday: 50 mins Jillian Michaels trouble zones circuit video.
Friday: 4.12 km in 35 mins run 1.2 km 5 min bike 10 min weights =50
Saturday: ill
Sunday: 4.13km run 35 min, 50 mins weights, 11 min bike=96
Sunday after my run. I felt like I was going to die!

Total minutes = 238

Lost .6 kg on 06/02/12 Lost 1kg 13/02/12 (total 1.6kg) Gain 20/02/12 0.3kg (was throwing up night before previous weigh in and ate 500 calories that day) (Monday in weigh in)

I started week 4 of C25K this week. 2 3 min runs, 2 5 min runs. I can do the first three intervals no problem but I struggle around halfway through the last interval.

I also started back at uni today, so back to studying and fun fun fun. (notice the sarcasm). That is all for today.

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