Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sa's week 6, 12 week challenge

So here is my week 6. Half way though and I'm feeling good and way more active. Building up my endurance and getting out to classes.
This week, we went to go to our usual Tuesday class on Thursday morning, and not only was the instructor different (sadly) but she had changed the class to a circuit class. Here's our something new and different! We haven't done one of these before and it nearly KILLED me! I got through it well, but for the next 3 days my calves were so tight and sore it was painful to walk. It's only just let up recently.

Identify your biggest excuse:
-I'm tired.
Getting out and just doing it gives me more energy and more desire to keep going. Awesome run on affect.
I'm not pushing myself 7 days. My body needs at least one day of rest, and I'm giving it that. If I don't, I will wear myself out and make myself sick. I'm not willing to do that. So I WILL have a rest day.
Push ups
Last week 24 This week 30!!! Which btw, is twice as many as week 1.
Monday: rest
Tuesday:34 min 3.86 km. 35 strength 5 bike 1.4km =69 mins
Wednesday: (high activity work) Mowed lawn for 60 mins
Thursday: Light and lo? No, Surprise Circuit class!! Guess that fulfils our something new requirement. 65 mins
Friday: 4km 35 mins run. 2 km 5 min bike =40 mins
Saturday: 8.7km bike in 20 mins, 60 mins body balance = 80 mins
Sunday: 4.14km 35 mins run, 5.12km 13 mins bike, 50 mins strength =98 minutes
Total minutes = 407 minutes!!!
Also, I only have one pic this week, Just see the previous blog, it's up there.
Lost .6 kg on 06/02/12 (Monday is weigh in)

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