Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sa's week five 12 week challenge

There are no real flashy pictures this week or anything. This week is pretty simple. I was ill for a few days which meant not much activity. Actually I think I had over done it, because after a day of real rest and a good nights sleep I felt 90% better.

Also, when on the bike on Saturday, sitting just in front of the glass door of the class room who were doing pump, I see this....

Sorry but I couldn't resist taking a photo... Who wears a thong to a pump class? Really? Really?

So here's this weeks challenge
Five quantifiable goals reassessed at week 5
· No more junk food. Chips, chocolate, cookies are my downfall
-This has been going pretty well. Have found alternatives such as weight watchers potato crisp things that are less than 100 calories per packet and frozen yoghurt bars which are 75ish calories…things like that, makes me feel like I’m not missing out on the yummy stuff
This goal I think I'm going to nix, as I'm doing so well I don't think it needs to be a goal any more.
· run/jog 3 x/week
-For the most part this has been accomplished. This week I’ve been ill so I hadn’t run as much as I’d have liked. I’m still striving to do this.
· Drink more than 3 bottles (600mls each) of water/day
-drinking 3 ½-5 bottles (depending on activity level) every day
This goal is going well too. Now this is my new norm, so I'm removing this as a goal too.
· Improve my 5km a little time every time I do it
-this has been reassessed as we began to do c25k and are not actually running 5km for the most part. We are running the program which is between 26-30some minutes (I’ve been running at least 30 mins). My goal now is to increase endurance and progress through the weeks of the program, 2 weeks /week if that makes sense. I know it will take me some time to be able to run the distance so I allow for longer time to adjust before moving up.
· Get out more with the kids walking (at least once a week)
-plans to do this Friday …DONE and continuing, although with the loads of rain we’ve had it’s a bit difficult sometimes.


1. run/jog 3x per week continuing goal
2. 5 km changed to building endurance during my c25k. By March I'd like to be starting week 5 of the program.
3. Getting out more often (1/week) with kids. This is weather dependant and sometimes not applicable.
4. (NEW GOAL) lose 10 lbs between Feb 1st and March 1st.
5. Be able to do 35 pushups at a time by March 1st

Push ups
Last week 22 This week 24
Monday: 90 mins heavy cleaning (The type that makes you sweat)
Tuesday: light and lo class 70 minutes (INTENSE) (32 jumping Jacks)
Wednesday: (high activity work)
Thursday: (high activity work) , ill
Friday: Ill
Saturday: 35 mins 8.5km cycling, 35 mins weights =70 minutes
Sunday: 3.47km 30 mins, 45 min strength including 120 jumping jacks =75 mins
Total minutes = 305
Total jumping jacks = 152 (sorry I just couldn't get them all in)

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