Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mel and Sa's Week 4 12 week challenge

So this week, since it's 'buddies' week, we're doing one blog entry, and each adding our own bit.
So our activity has been pretty well the same this week.

Push Ups. Last week (sa)22, (mel)30 this week (sa)20, (mel) 40
Monday: (sa)jog 3.32 in 30 mins, (mel)jog 3.55 in 30 mins
Tuesday: (both)light and lo class 75 minutes (INTENSE)
Wednesday: (sa) (high activity work) 1 km in 7 mins to bus stop
Thursday: (sa)4.5 km in 39 mins, (mel)4.5km in 37 minutes
Before the race

Mel's Time

Sa's Time

After the race ( Nevermind the half naked dude between us! Awkward!!)
Saturday: (both) Pump class 60 minutes, Zumba 60 minutes. =120

Before Two classes

After Two classes

Sunday: (sa)30 min, 3.44km, (mel)30 mins, 3.7km 45 mins weights =75
Weekly Total =346 minutes

4 Things that impressed me this week about SuperSa,By Sunshine/Mel

1.Pushed beyond her struggles ( Running - stitch/sore knees and back) to continue running.
2. Eating well and even trying new things! *yay*
3. Improved her Fun run time on last year by 2 minutes!
4. Puts up with My crazy desire to run ( and tags along too) and even crazier ideas like doing two classes at the gym Back to back.

Why I think SuperSa should Win, By Sunshine:

Melissa has not ever really shown any desire to run, it wasn't anything that she thought that she would be able to do. She has been running with me now since I started on this crazy quest. She extends herself through the pain of sore knees and most recently Stitches in her side , and the heat and humidity of running "fun runs" on hot and muggy Australian summer days. She pushes her self above her limits when I suggest doing crazy things that she isn't always sure she can do. Saturday, I decided I was going to do 2 classes. Back to back. A "Pump/weights" class followed right up with a Zumba class. She was doubtful about doing them, but still came and rocked it out. It had been tough, But she finished both classes, even though she was well and truely out of energy. Her determination to succeed in-spite of maybe not being the fastest runner or being within her comfort zone inspires me to push myself just that little bit more. She is rockin!

Why Sunshine should win this weeks challenge.

Like a lot of us, for many years Sunshine struggled with her weight. After her third child she was at her biggest and unhappy within herself. When he was about one and a half, she decided it was time to do something about it, and she was serious. She joined a women’s health centre, which helped her drastically change her diet and get her started on circuit workouts. She was dedicated and began to succeed. She joined a regular gym as well and began working out there on her own and doing classes. From her dedication, change of diet and lifestyle and without use of commercially pushed weight loss products she was greatly successful! Sunshine lost a whopping 53.5 kg or 117 lbs in about 12 months through pure hard work. Now during this time she inspired many people, myself included, to change their lifestyle and get healthy. After reaching her goal weight, she even went and began working at the weight loss centre she started her journey at. With her before and after pictures on the wall, she helped many women begin their own healthy lives, and they knew she had been there and if she could do it, they could do it.

With Sunshine as my workout buddy, she always pushes me to go just a little further than I’d do myself. “just a little further Sa, just run to that tree, just to that pole, to that car”. She’s supportive and encouraging and I couldn’t ask for a better workout partner. If I have an issue (back pain, stitches, knee pain) she looks into what could help me with it. I honestly know that without her, I’d still be in size 22 sitting on the couch watching the world go by around me.

Even though we may have slipped a little through a very rough year, we’ve both got back on it and are working hard to get back to ourselves. Our healthy selves.

4 things that impressed me this week about Sunshine

1. Encouraging work mates to participate in a race when they wouldn’t have on their own.

2. Beating her own time from last year by 4 minutes at the fun run!! AWESOMENESS!!

3. Suggesting we do BOTH Pump AND zumba, right after each other. Perhaps insanity

4. Constantly having a positive and can do attitude even when she looks like she’s pushed herself within an inch of death after a workout!

Basically, Sunshine is a positive inspiring woman who deserves to win, perhaps she hasn’t inspired as many people as Mr. Ben here, but there are many many people whose lives are better because of her.

By, Sa

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