Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Bike kicked my ass today. Plain and simple. :( I'm not sure why, I have no problem doing 20 mins or so on a stationary bike, the real bike was a bit of a problem. I planned it out so most of the hilly bits would be at the start of my route. At first, going down the hills, I was frustrated because I couldn't even pedal. I was feeling ok, until all of a sudden I felt dizzy, and lightheaded. I was very thirsty, and didn't have water (no holder on the bike). I didn't want to stop, but I did and all of a sudden felt this wave of nausea. Lovely.... so I get sick about 100 m away from a primary school. Good thing it was just a little, but still. I have NEVER had that reaction after or during exercising. I have felt queasy before because I was hungry, but never anything like this. At this point, I finally go back to the bike and walk it up the last hill. I hop back on when it's flat and start to pedal, only to find now my hip feels like it's trying to pop out. WTF??? I literally had to stand on the bike in order to pedal at all. If I sat I got this excruciating pain in my right hip. Before I stopped it wasn't an issue. So finally I get home, go sit in front of the toilet again, just in case, finally I cool down enough to go have a shower and a powerade. Something was fighting me today. First day I got off my butt to do anything in 4 days or so and I feel exhausted and sore (hip). GRRRR

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