Friday, September 3, 2010

New gym...And some adventures!

So I joined a new Gym last night. We wanted something closer to home to avoid excuses to not go. Im the queen Of.." I'll do it later" , even though I KNOW that once I get there It will be fine. No excuses now. This gym is on the way home from the school run in the mornings.

So today J and I toddled off to the New gym..He to the Kids Creche and I to the Ladies Gym to see What
the set up was like. So I surveyed the equipment and decided to start on Old faithful..the Bike. 13 mins later hot and warmed up I headed over to the "express" circuit.  I did a few minutes ( 3 reps of 15 roughly) on each piece of equipment following the little numbers. Not bad...Felt like I achieved a reasonable All over workout...Sweet!

Now all while I was doing my thing I watch ladies wander over to this interesting piece of equipment In the corner of the gym...

The Vibra trainer ( this isn't the same one, but it looks just like this)...Now Im a curious kinda girl, So after my "express" workout I wander on over to see what its all about... I step on..Push the on button...It starts to vibrate...OK...I turn the "speed" up to 14....Ok now I can feel my flab wobbling...Stand and read the little instructions..Lower body workout - Bend knees...Knees bent...Bum is jigglin...Hmmmm.... Bottocks workout- stand with legs crossed....Attempt to cross my legs...Um..No. Stand a little longer with my knees bent...Turn around to read poster on the wall  to see what else the "exercise" equipment is meant to be used for...Kneel on the floor and put hands on machine in push up position to work the upper body... Uh..I dont think so...By this time..if I was a robot..I would have shaken to pieces. Turn around..fiddle with settings...turn it off.  

Promptly head over to the cross trainer to do some REAL exercise.


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