Saturday, September 11, 2010

Even far...

So rumour has it, Or shall I say..we have told each other...Sa and I have roughly lost about the same amount so far....And she was worried. PFfrft.Unfair advantage is no longer an excuse Sa!!! So we are almost 2 weeks into the challenge and both of us are doing ok.. Sa has been taking advantage of her legs and her workout mat. I have been walking and getting to the gym when time allows.  Sa was worried about not choosing the right foods. But seems that she has got the hang of it now. YAY! And so far so good..I have been ok too!

So that's where things are...In the  Great weight race!

Now I thought I would take the chance to explain the name of the blog a little... Tricep dips and push ups... I HATE tricep Dips (Which is why I have those lovely tuckshop lady arms)... Sa..Loves them. I Pink puffy heart Push ups... Sa..Not so much. And this journey will certainly have its ups and downs..So it seemed to fit US very well.

So Of course Now the "PT in training" in me feels I should show you  how a good Push up is done...See Below...
So this is a "advance " level Push up. On the toes.  They can also be done on the knees. Using your upper body to lower and raise only your upper body.  Then you can go level two, Still on the knees moving your body into more of a leaning push up..hence using your arms to support more of your body weight. Any of these options Will help to strengthen and tone your upper arms .

The Tricep Dip. This one shows it on a bench. It involves using your arms to support your body and lowering your arms to "dip" at the elbows. This Exercise  tones the "backs " of your arms.. That trouble zone, the tricep.  Many woman complain of this area being hard to tone up. Another Exercise that works this are is a triceps extension and Triceps Kickbacks. I will go into these exercises in another blog. :)

I hope this helps someone!!!


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