Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well, I woke up at 4:30, despite not falling asleep until about 11:30 and am WIIIIDE awake. I've considered going for a jog, but have a nasty headache, so here I am sitting in front of a computer screen with partial lighting instead. hmmm...
Anyways, Mom and I went shopping today and I felt a little lost without my food guide. I just looked at the sugar content and was like, hmmm, 5gms of sugar... that seems ok.
Got some 12 grain wraps, sandwhich meat, cheese, sausages, yogurt, oatmeal, a few snack things... umm, crispy mini things and special k cheesecake bars which seem awfully yummy.

So here I am, considering going out for a jog. Debating.... thinking about the stakes and telling myself to get off my ass. Going to look for some new Jillian Michaels dvds tomorrow I think. A yoga one and something else...can't remember. And call the lady from the gym who called me about a job a week and a half ago and cross my fingers she hasn't found anyone, because that job would be PERFECT! No gym membership and there nearly everyday.

It's 22 degrees out and just 5am. It's meant to be 29 and rain this afternoon, so perhaps I should get my butt up and go out. Just looking on a map to see how far my intended route would be.....hmmm. 5.5km or a different one would be 6.5km. Perhaps I'll start with the 5.5.... it has a big hill I'd be going up as well.

I know I'm going to wake someone up as the house has a stupid alarm system and it will beep when I turn it off. Was bad enough they woke up last night just after I got home. I felt bad. Well, I'm sure they'll go back to sleep, but still. Alright, well I think I'm gonna go, my legs feel really tight from not moving much for a day and a half, but hopefully they'll behave. I'll start posting on daily mile again as well. Once I get moving. Well, I'm outta here in a bit. Wish me luck.