Thursday, September 22, 2011

4kg down!

So I jumped on the scales this morning, not literally of course, but anyways, I'm down 4 kg (8.8lbs) from my start weight. When was that? two weeks? three? I don't know, anyways, that made me feel good, because I've been frustrated that I haven't really been able to feel any loss in my clothes.  Although yesterday I did notice the arms in my work shirt (which I wear usually once a week) were not a snug. Yay.    I was feeling disheartened. Like I wasn't getting anywhere, but hopefully it'll catch up to my clothes soon. Maybe I'm just losing all over but slowly instead of one noticeable place at once.
I think I'm getting sick too. I've got a husky voice and cough a little. I really don't need or want it. GO AWAY. Makes working out impossible.  I'm looking forward to our weekend gym work outs.  We seem to be able to get the most time in and the best all around workout then.   The other day as I was stretching at the end, I thought I could have stayed there all day.

This weekend will also be full of cleaning. There's a house inspection on Tuesday. (blah) which means everything must be spic and span.  Which will last a day as the kids are on school holidays.  Good thing I'm on break too for a week, even though I'll still be studying and organising.

I think this is all for now. Ooh, tomorrow we're going to take the kids to a local museum and down to the beach. Should be nice!


  1. Keep at it. It will come off eventually. I went a YEAR running and weights and thinking I was eating good and never lost a pound. And not until recently have I noticed a difference in my clothes. If you just keep with it, at some point everything will come together and it will just happen!

  2. Thanks Hope. :) Sometimes I need the encouragement to make me feel like I'm going to get a result at all, and that that result will be worth all the hard work.