Saturday, September 10, 2011

Steaming On....and on..and on...

Thought I should pipe in here...We have been doing really well this week! Im so happy with our progress and or dedication to working out. We did miss Friday, but that was due to me being flat out exhausted (late shift at work Thursday night) and my feet really hurting. And in spite of not being able to sleep very well last night we even dragged our bums to the gym this afternoon for a short but sweet workout. I was off my game today, only managing 15 minutes on the treadmill instead of my usual 30 but I knew it was gonna be a short one. I was beat but really needed the workout. I attempted a new ( well out of my routine) cross trainer type machine to finish off my workout. Just to spice it up some. Upped some of my weights which felt great. Planning on "freestyle" workout tomorrow. We are going to hit the Riverway loop early and get it in the bag before it gets too hot (and I have a family commitment). Its roughly about 4.5k  long and its a nice scenic view.  We might be able to get some nice "workout" pictures too? Looking forward to it...Providing I sleep ok tonight. ( Stupid wind banging the blinds in my room!)

So Im feeling right up there on the top of the world right now... Im  not as dedicated as Sa is to staying off the scales. I have weighed myself a couple of times and I am happy to report that since Sunday's post gym weight I am down 2.9kg ( Or 6.3lbs) !!! So thrilled. I love seeing those numbers go down. And it really keeps me on track. One day when I am less embarrassed by the numbers on the scale I might actually photograph those weighs. But well...Not yet. And Maybe. No promises.

This week has been interesting. This is the first time I have had to try to combine working out with all my now usual daily events  ( kids, cleaning, cooking etc). Previously I was a SAHM when I did my journey to fitness and health, so pulling all this together with work has been something I have had to get use too. I think, in time It will be just fine. I actually don't mind hitting the gym first thing in the morning before heading into work, although it does seem a little busy there then. We will figure out schedule that will work best for us.

So that's my little update for now. I will likely be back tomorrow with another update of our riverway workout. and maybe some pics too.

Till tomorrow!

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