Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ramblings of a Woman without a dress.

So I have a wedding to attend in just under 2 weeks. And I have an issue. I have NOTHING to wear. Now Im not talking nothing new/nothing that appeals in my wardrobe nothing. I'm talking absolutely nothing. Since I have gained weight back none of my lovely little black numbers fit properly. :( Which makes me sad, cause then I wouldn't be looking all over for something to wear. I have looked at a couple of dresses, but unfortunately I'm having Breast Overflow Issues ( B.O.I). There was two dresses that I have really loved . I just cant zip them up. Im just not going to be able to slim into them in 2 weeks. I did have the unexpected pleasure of being told I was an "extra small" in a certain retail store, which kinda made my day. But still did not allow me to find anything due to the fact they only had one dress left in that size.  Now I need to find SOMETHING to wear. And hopefully re-wear to another social function next month. So Im sure this will be a topic of great rambling till I find "The Dress".  I apologise in advance. :p

Anyway, I have been looking around on Pinterest and have made myself a "Inspirational" folder of images and quotes. I love this site. It reminds me of a giant cork board that you can share. It appeals to my inner stalker too. I can trawl through so many different boards, find images and ideas that I may not have found on my own!And borrow ( ok steal maybe) them! them. Like this beauty;

How perfect is that. That is EXACTLY what I am aiming for. To be Strong, healthy and happy. There are some really awesome images on Pinterest that really help me to feel inspired. Sadly there is also some really distasteful and unhealthy images Or as its called "thinspiration" . It makes me sad to think so many women aspire to be so unhealthily thin. :( I don't think that there is anything beautiful about an undernourished bone thin woman. I know that some woman are naturally very slim and I'm not saying that they are unhealthy. But intentionally depriving yourself of food or over exercising to achieve a bone thin silhouette, IS unhealthy. And its such a shame that there is so much pressure out there to be "skinny".  I aspire to be healthy. I hope you do too.

Aspiring to be healthy,


  1. Lovely lady... Don't spend a lot of monryt on a new outfit! Find something from eBay because you don't intend to wear it again after these two functions!! You had a great drive and determination which made you like a steam train to lose that weight in the first place, you need to find that motivation again which turned you into an unstoppable force! You did it before you CAN do it again! Motivation is 99% of the battle! Focus on your motivation again....Im rooting for you babe! Ree xxxxx.

  2. Sorry luv... I should've read the rest of your blog before i commented... You obviously DO have the motivation... Keep it up, you are working very hard can't wait to see you at goal!! :) R xx

  3. Thanks Ree! I found a dress so Im pretty happy!!

  4. I absolutely HATE shopping! I'm just no good at it. Nothing ever fits. So, I just keep to my khakis and shirts for work, and jeans, t-shirts and hoodies for school. I'm not a picture of fashion by any means. So...CONGRATS on finding a dress...coming from someone who knows how hard it is to find the right thing!

  5. Thanks Hope. it feels good knowing that now I wont have to stress about it.