Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gotta go, Gotta Move my body!

So even after a full day at work today (I work part time in retail) I had to workout body told me I HAD too. I did what it told me to do. I was later then usual, after dinner and the kids were in bed, and only for 20 mins before the legs got too wobbly.  And it was 20 mins on my elliptical in my garage but I went 6.7km (that's 4.1 miles for my non-metric friends) at it. But 20 minutes is better then 0. Right?!
I love this feeling .. I have to admitted when I did my weight loss last time I got addicted to the gym, to working out and moving. I love that worn out but satisfied feeling after a great workout. Even when you think your tired and cant move anymore. You can ALWAYS wring a little extra out when your body yells at you to do it. Im really feeling positive about this all. Im feeling inspired and on track. we have been eating well ( No regular pasta tonight we ate Slim pasta)  With our sauce tonight! No optional extras during the day. Eating what we should be when we should be ( well except Poor Sa and her meal Mix up today!)  Feeling in control and On track! One week down for me!!!

Anyhow...Yesterday, before we went to the gym we took some new "before" photos and in the interest of accountability Im going to put mine up here. Im a little ashamed of myself. I worked hard to trim down and I really feel uncomfortable in my skin at the moment. Especially in my lower body. My bum and legs are really blah to me. This is an area that I have always struggled with. they are...

Front On.

Side on. Ugh.

 Anyway. There it is. my big butt And all. My biggest problem area. I know i have a booty..i just want it smaller! A LOT smaller.

Till next time all. My bed calls.

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  1. 20 on the elliptical when it's almost bedtime? You are my hero!