Saturday, September 10, 2011

Imma idiot

I'm such a fucking idiot.  After a short but good stint at the gym, I come home, shower etc, and sit down in front of my laptop.  Open it up, and this is what I see....

I had left a pen inside and closed it without realising it. The only reason I can use it is because I've hooked it up to Melanie's old monitor.  This is gonna cost me.  I only got this laptop in December. Wonderful.  So after a very productive day of completing one out of four essays for Uni, and nearly completing another, washing clothes and sheets and getting to the gym this upended my day.  I was in a good mood before this.  Technically it's still under warranty, but knowing the business, it's unlikely they'll fix it under warranty.

Sigh. Anyway, on my weigh in on Friday I had lost 1.5 kg (nearly 4lbs?) in 4 1/2 days.  I am going to wait to weigh again until this Friday.  Oh, I got a new purple gym singlet which I likes a lot.

So I'm leaving for now.  I'm in a foul mood so I'll spare you all. One good thing about tonight.... fresh clean sheets. mmmmmmm clean sheets.

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