Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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So after Sunday's fiasco (I shall call it that, because although I did it I did not do as I wanted to) I started to get irritated about the jogging and how exhausted I was and that I couldn't finish the podcast.  I thought to myself, self, you were doing more intervals on the treadmill for longer and you were fine, it's the stupid weather and smoke and hilliness, etc. So today I wanted to prove my point.  I just did 20 minutes on the treadmill, but I ran for 10 of them. Granted there were 5 2 minute intervals, but I'm nowhere near doing that in one chunk and I know it.  For now I settle for intervals.  I did them just fine, no breathlessness, no exhaustion, just good sweaty heavy breathing.
So, I do not like you outdoor running, no I don't.  At least not structured running where I feel I have to do what some guy tells me.  If I do it again I'll do it on my own terms and when I feel like I can.

Anyways, so besides that today, I have upped my weight on some things. Today I focused on my upper body and abs as the flabbiness in those areas was irritating me especially today.  So 100 things on the ab machine, and 100 things on the twisty machine (don't say that's cheating 'cause it does work AND I did normal ones later), did a bunch of bicep curls and various tricep exercises. In between these I jumped on the bike and did a hilly stint for 15 minutes just to get my heart rate back up.

All in all a good workout.  I'm itching to get on the scale now, but will attempt to refrain until Friday.  I'm not feeling much loss in my body though which sucks, but we'll see what the number say as I've been super good with my eating and moving, although we did rest yesterday as well. Melanie's shins hurt and I've got 4 major assignments due next week.

That is all for now.Off to eat some lunch and go to school.

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