Sunday, September 11, 2011

Super Sunday!

Well Ok, maybe not super Sunday, but it has been a pretty decent Sunday so far. Well for the most part.
As I said yesterday, we went off early this morning to go do the Riverway circuit. It was lovely and cool, a slight hint of smoke in the air due to some local bushfires but a great day to be outside and working out. We started out early enough that the air was nice and the sun was only just starting to warm up. We had every intention of using the Podcast of C25k (week 2) to pace ourselves. I managed to finish off the podcast as planned but as Sa said she struggled a little today. But by the end of the podcast she had caught up with me. So while she may not have been able to pace to the podcast I think she did ok!  So as promised I took some pictures using my the process I misplaced my drivers license.:(  We went back to where I had taken my phone out hoping that I might find it with no luck. :(  But anyway... Some pictures!!

We did the Orange Circuit. where you see the blue lines is the section we did three times! GAH!

Sa Pretending she was Dying. Lol
A proper sweaty Mess!
Some of our view! Lots to see!

DUCKS!!! Lots and LOTS of ducks!

Looked very inviting! Maybe one day we can do some laps here?

That last Picture was taken just before I realised My License wasn't in the "fanny pack" ( Bumbag we call it here) and we back tracked to try to find it. So that added on a bit to our workout. But we still kicked it in a decent time I think.

Then I got home and went with The Family to a family Birthday party (FIL turned 60 today!). I even ate well there..turned down not one..but TWO Delicious looking cakes! I ate an apple I brought from home instead!

So there you have it folks! A Sunday workout in pictures!

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  1. Actually we went closer to where that P (parking lot) is by the bathrooms before we turned back!