Sunday, January 23, 2011

FOOD! MMmmm Food.

So I thought I would finally do a food post. I talk a lot about eating healthy and well and I thought It was time to share some tips. Generally We dont calorie count. *SHOCK* But we do try to make wise food choices. Sugar free soft drinks if we drink them, sugar free sweets too. We both use Sweetener in our Coffee , Splenda is the choice in this house, And we aim for the good old 2 & 5 - 2 serves of Fruit and at LEAST 5 serves of veggies. I admit we love ( think pink puffy heart) Pumpkin so its an almost daily staple for us both.  We try, we I try to keep the food interesting and creative because it is very easy to get stuck in a food rut. Which means that your more likely to fall off the wagon. Some of those creative things I will try to share over the next few weeks.

Today Im going to share a lunch Idea... :)

Traffic Light Pizza! 

2 Round multigrain wraps
1/2 a red capsicum( pepper) diced
1/2 a Yellow Capsicum diced
1/2 a small Zucchini diced 
4 tablespoons Tomato paste
a sprinkle of onion powder
a sprinkle of dried Italian herbs
Diced ham/bacon/chicken
Handful of Mozzarella cheese for each pizza

 Assemble the pizza on a flat oven tray, - base, sauce, onion powder, herbs then generously cover in the Diced veggies and protein of choice. Sprinkle with cheese ( we are suckers for cheese admittedly) and  bake in the oven till the cheese is golden and base is crisp!

This is a fave for lunch around here! And its soooo good. I hope this helps you to keep your lunch choices interesting too!

This year one of my aims is to better the food eaten by ALL the family. Which sounds easy..but I have a fussy house! A kid that does not eat Veggies ( except potato, lettuce and the odd bit Of Grated Zucchini hidden in meatballs and strangely Spinach in a dip), One that wont eat salad, a 3 1/2 yr old, a Fussy male and a chick who doesn't eat steak ( but does eat minced beef)!  Im the easiest one around here!!  Some of the changes have already started..White rice- brown rice..Went down a hit! Everyone loves it!

The school lunch boxes are having an overhaul too. This week includes dried fruit, pretzels and Home made Banana and LSA (Crushed Lindseed, sunflower and almond) muffins, instead of chips and LCM bars.  Im also aiming to go as Litter free as I can! So we will see how this goes down! Alex ( Fussy 1) is the main issue. I struggle to get her to eat her school lunch at all! She would much rather socialise then eat! And she is a tiny little thing! Belle will pretty much eat anything you put in there...she is ALWAYS Starving ( her words). I will aim to share some of these ideas with you all too!

Anyway there is one more sleep till school tomorrow and i have LOTS to get done!!

Till next time,

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