Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day Fun run!

So we were up at the Crack of Dawn this very Fine Australia day to participate in our very first Running event, The Walters IGA Australia Day Fun run. We had no intentions of placing. It was about doing it and getting it done!

It was a nice day..clear blue skies... humid and hot. There was a great turn out. I was amazed at some of the costumes!!! We seen Bush rangers, boxing kangaroos , Australian decked out Girls, dogs with Aussie flag coloured tails and little ones with painted faces! We were not so creative. Lol.

We had planned to use our pod cast to help pace us. But neither of us actually did. Jeni and I got a bit ahead of Sa, I had to remind myself to pace myself and Not try to pace with Jeni. She has longer legs and is a better runner. But I managed to keep pace with her for the most part.( sorry for holding you back Jeni!!) Sa struggles in the heat and humidity, but caught us up on the home stretch! So we all managed to finish together! We did really well considering the fact that Sa and I are NOT runners! We finished in less then 42 mins. Jeni was first around 41:46 min, Then myself at 41.48 min and Sa at around 41:50 min.
We even managed to get some photos!!!

 Jeni , Me ( Mel) & Melissa

Finish time!

Finish place?
Sa's finish Card
Jeni, Me and Sa at the end!
A nice Stranger took this one for us!

So that's our First even done! Im so pleased with how well we did! The next one Im aiming for ( Sa swears she is NOT doing it again! lol) Is the Mothers day Run in May.  Hoping to be much fitter and in a better running space by then!

Til next time!

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