Friday, January 21, 2011


Today we took the kids swimming. Decided to run tomorrow as we would be moving a lot in the water with them.
We all had a ball.

They were kicking and blowing bubbles lol. Was good fun.

A lot of tossing children and swinging them around, hauling them around on my back or swimming with them attached to me. Also, childfree, I did a few laps. I'm not a pro swimmer, but I can do a lap or two.

A pic of your bloggers (Sa on the left, Mel on right)

I have my day 3 of week 2 tomorrow. I've been pushing myself for those 90 seconds. I'm a bit worried about next week. I'm not sure what the intervals are. Maybe 2 mins running. It seems scary.
So yes, Wednesday I lost a little. About 600g I think or 700g. I'm still up from the first weigh which pisses me. I guess we'll see Monday. I might suggest moving weigh in until Tuesday where we haven't just eaten our usual roast chook or pork and veggie dinner. It's usually our largest meal of the week.

Anyways, that's it for now. Thank you. Come again.

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