Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5 - Workout

I signed up for the gym today. YAY. It's smaller than I'm used to and not so flash but it does the job just fine. I did feel a little lost after getting off the treadmill and choosing a weight machine to do. Just not used to the layout or some of the scary machines.

Did a 15 min treadmill warm up in which I ran first for 2 minutes and then for one. Two minutes you say? That's nothing? Well I'm not a runner and I'm just starting out. Two minutes for me was an accomplishment as I normally can only run one at a time. So I was proud of myself. Even if my throat was burning after. PT Melanie says "Go at a slower pace at first in order to control your breathing. Even though it feels like a comfortable pace, just slow it down a little bit" Yes Ma'am. Next time I will slow the jogging pace a little.

I did not jump on the wii this morning. There was too big an audience. I did get on the scale at the gym and it said I'd gained 2kg. That was after breakfast and with clothes/shoes not taken into consideration. So, not as bad as I thought I guess. That's also on day 5 of quick start so I don't know if I had gained more than that or not.

Either way, need to get those 2 kg back off and then work towards my goal. Which would be about another 5-7 kg or so. I think. I still get confused converting lbs and kg.

And, my knee keeps twitching! It's driving me crazy!! It's been going on and off for like, a month!!!

Thank you. that is all.

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