Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year..New start...

So They whole comp went out the window.With me working the Santa set and having some mega stressful few weeks my eating went to shit..Gym..whats that? Oh how I have missed it. BUT its a new year...And Im keen to get back on the wagon. I feel SO FAT!!! Ugh. I Know I have gained wayyyyyy more then I am even willing to admit. BUT I need to get my focus back,. So Starting Monday..Quick start here I come. Basicly cutting the carbs for a week. Getting rid of my body's sugar/carb dependency and hitting the gym and getting my body back.  I NEED to do this. I have spent weeks grabbing food on the run and relying on quick caffeine fixes to get me through my day. Im home now. Kids are on holidays for a few more weeks and I have to focus on my studies and myself for a bit.

So New year... NEW START!

I will be updating this blog more...I will be ranting , sharing and hoefully inspiring myself and others to get on track and get fit.


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