Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3 of quick start.- carbs..what carbs?

So its day 3 of Quickstart...Not doing too bad!!!I have been creative with our meals...I need to so I dont miss those annoyingly addictive carbs. Also so I dont get the shits and give up. I still have not been brave enough to weigh in...Im ashamed to say Im afraid too. I almost rather wait a few weeks then get on the Wii. That little wii board dude is gonna yell. YES, Im afraid of that little dude.  I cant help it...When he asks where I have been..and pretends to have forgotten my name ( in spite of the fact I know I chose my Mii) It makes me feel guilty. *Hangs head*

So Last night Sa and I went for a walk..Big deal you say..well maybe, but I have been fighting this nasty headcold/flu/ gotohsomuchsnotinmyhead thing for 3 and a half weeks now. So I have to take it easy so as not to kill myself. Will be aiming to get out again tonight. Im DYING to go to the gym. I want to jump on a tredmill and get started on my Main goal for the year. C25K I want to be able to comfortably run 5 k by my birthday. Thats November...So thats not hugely unattainable. C25K is a nine week program. I figure to give myself time to do it.Especially seeing for the next few weeks I need to be heads down bum up and finish my Course.

So There you go 3. In the Bag. 4 days to go.


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