Saturday, January 15, 2011

Done week one

Ok, so I'm a day behind Melanie. Only because I didn't have the podcast when she started. Anyways, I'm done week one! YAY. I did 3.15km in the 30 mins today. Sadly it was a bit slack. We were both REALLY tired. Up late and up early..ish. Anyways, Monday I start week two. Which is 90 sec of running, 2 min walking. Melanie did hers today and she said she preferred it to last week. We'll see how I go. Was a bit dehydrated today and one of my calf's started to act like it was going to cramp. I stopped just long enough to rub it a bit (maybe 8-10 seconds) then back on.

Also did some weights. I would have liked to do a bit more, but we'd told Jeff we'd only be an hour and Melanie looked like she was very done. Did some hip abductors, seated rows, chest presses, deltoid raises, bicep curls and tricep lifts. The latter three about half as many as I would have liked. Then we went and did a bit of abs. Still not much as we had to get going. Tomorrow, we'll likely do a circuit they have set up there.

That's all for now.
On to week two Monday.

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