Thursday, January 20, 2011

C25K Week 2!

In the bag! It was a little bit of a struggle. My Right leg felt like it was gonna give way..But I soldiered on and finished it up with a better pace and distance then week one! WOOHOOO! As promised..My Photo...

I did 3.312 in just over 30 minutes. With a pace of 9.22 min/km. Im a little unsure about next one..Lol. I have not read what to expect of the intervals on week 3. But hey, I am up for the challenge!!!

So We weighed in again on Wednesday...I was down another 700g so I was happy..Sa was down too..Still up some but had a decent loss.   So that what matters. So next weigh is Monday! Bring it on!

We got our Miracle Noodles on Tuesday too. Just in time for spaghetti night! They were awesome!!! Was so good to be able to have spaghetti and not feel like I was blowing all those carbs! Check out the Links we love for the site!

Till next time...:)

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