Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quick Start

So apparently we're doing quick start. Again. Last time I lost all of like, 1 kg, and wasn't impressed. We also didn't really work out last time. We've been doing a bit of walking in the evenings when it's cooler. Not really a full blown workout, but I don't have a gym membership and we've both been ill lately. I've pretty well shaken mine, but Melanie's is hanging on. So basically it was just really to get moving. It's also been too hot to do any serious workouts during the day, as we don't have air conditioning where Jillian would be kicking our butts.

Neither of us weighed in before we started. I know I've gained since I've been home. Not anyone's fault but my own. Too many good/bad things I missed while I was away. But now that I've indulged in my missed goodies, I'll be back on track. I was SO good while I was in Canada, no deserts (except for the odd mini chocolate bar around Halloween), no chips, fast food or carbs in the evening for the most part. I ended up losing about 5-6 kg or 12-15lbs.

I need to get a gym membership. At least it's cool in there and it makes me feel productive. I also want to work on the weights again. I'm feeling very slack. It's a bit more difficult with the girls out of school to go whenever we want.

Anyways, I leave the funnies to Melanie today. I may jump on the wii in the morning to give myself an idea of where I am.

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