Monday, January 10, 2011

Quickstart - IN THE BAG!!!!

So this morning marks the end of QS. Sa and I both have weighed in on the trusty Wii. (It forgot Sa's name..Not mine- I avoided that part hehehehe). We are both Down around 3 kg from the weigh at the gym the other morning. Which is pretty damn good. Although we are both rather annoyed we didn't bother to weigh in to start. But Such is life! 3 kgs = about 6.6 lbs... Never mind that it was a different set of scales... it gives a good rough estimate. I could tell yesterday that I had lost some. My shorts were looser! YAY!!!

Coffee taste SOOOOO good this morning with Skim milk in it..instead of cream. But I really Cant wait to have FRUIT for breakfast! Lmao! And Carbs are back..But we are talking healthy carbs..healthy portions and eating well. I will post a sample Menu soon.

On the subject of Carbs.. I ordered some Miracle Noodles for us. Why..well Im a wog...I cants not do pasta. This way I can still have my cake pasta and eat it too. I look forward to trying them! I have heard some really good reports! And they will be great in Stir frys too!

So now the first week is in the bag...We will keep on  going! Today is meant to be a running day...So at some point today we will be hitting the gym!

C25K week 1 Day 2..Im coming after you!

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