Monday, January 24, 2011

Food and running and such

First of all let me say I'm a lot LESS picky than I used to be, and the only thing I don't eat that the rest do on a weekly/biweekly basis is steak. :P
I eat a lot better than I used to. Honestly I don't find it that hard to eat properly once you start. It's when you give in and eat something you know you shouldn't. The problem isn't eating it that one time, it's that it makes you want it again and again. So personally, I find it easier to avoid those yummy fatty greasy food that are so tempting. For the most part. Some people will tell you to give in to a craving. Honestly I'll only do that if it's REALLY bad and depends on what it is.

Anyways.... my run today... was day one of week 3. two intervals of 90 seconds and two with 3mins of running. I was ok until partway through the last interval. I felt like I was about to die. Seriously. I did have some light chest pains (Don't worry, if they were bad, I'd stop and get checked out) and having some issues breathing, but I made it. If I wasn't so exhausted I'd feel like it was an accomplishment. I DO feel that way but my god, I'm worried about week 4 now if I feel this way in week 3.

Wednesday I've been told we're doing a 'fun run'. it's 4.5km around a park and a river by us. It's early enough in the morning so hopefully it wont be too hot. It will be one of our running days, so we'll do the podcast for the first 26 mins and then probably see how we feel for the rest.

mmmm I can smell the roasting pumpkin (sweet squash) and red capsicum (red pepper) in the oven for lunch. YUM!

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