Saturday, January 8, 2011


So I started the C25K program today! Im on my way!  Day 1 week 1...wasn't so bad!!! I did 2.92 km in 30 minutes. Not bad considering I feel so out of shape and I still struggle to not cough too much. But It was so simple to do following the podcast! And the fact I generally am NOT a treadmill person...I ran  Jogged on the treadmill today!!!

I have set myself a goal. The Mothers Day 5 k fun run in May. Its a few months away still. And I think by then I should be in the zone. A friend Jeni has locked me in to do it with her, So I have no excuses..and I cant back out now! And Of course if Im doing is Sa!!! Muhahaha! The good thing is it should be MUCH cooler then so the heat wont be a factor.

After I did my treadmill work out Sa and stuck around and did a Body Balance Class. I love this class..Its a great stretch and core strength workout. Sadly The instructor leaves something to be desired..But I still really enjoyed it. I feel Much more limber...I also realise just how much strength I have lost over the last few months. :( I also did not care for the fact that the stupid new music ruling means that some instructors choose to use cover music rather then pay royalties...Which I DO understand ( and would probably also do when Im qualified)...But it sucks. 

This is also day 6 of Quickstart! One more day. I can tell I have lost some..My jeans were not nearly as snug today. Which is a bonus. But I still have a ways to go. I don't feel like I have really missed out on anything this time. A great food rotation  has definitely helped I think!

QS day 6...DONE! C25K...Here I come!


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