Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sa's Week three, 12 week challenge

I've decided not to participate in the majority of this weeks challenges. But here is my physical info for the week...

I'm super psyched about my weight loss this week so far. Melanie made me weigh in on Wednesday, I'd lost 0.4kg, by friday I'd lost another 1.1kg (in two days?!) I'm interested to see what it says on our official weigh in day tomorrow.

Five quantifiable goals reassessed week 3

· No more junk food. Chips, chocolate, cookies are my downfall

-Nothing this week.

· run/jog 3 x/week

jogged twice brisk walk once

· Drink more than 3 bottles (600mls each) of water/day

-drinking 3 ½-5 bottles (depending on activity level) every day

· Improve my 5km a little time every time I do it

-I’m working on this, however the bathroom issue is a major hindrance when road running. Hit 43 mins this week

· Get out more with the kids walking (at least once a week)

-plans to do this Friday …DONE and continuing

Push ups

Last week 20, this week 22

Intermediate/Advanced: 30 extra minutes of intense work like last week + 200 jumping jacks. (all at once or spread out)

Monday: 3.35km 31 min jog

Tuesday: 3km in 30 min

Wednesday: (high activity work, allergy attack) 5km in 43 min

Thursday: 2.3 km in 30 mins

Friday: Blood donation

Saturday: mowed the lawn 45 minutes

Sunday: 3.35km In 31 minutes jogging, 5km in 13 minutes bike =44 minutes

Weekly Total =223

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